Thursday, December 29, 2005

Three Things Thursday

i couldn't think of anything for todays TTT so i'm going to go with Sheila's theme of favorite games from a couple of weeks ago.

1. nertz. it's a card game that i learned a couple of years ago and it's a lot of fun and really fast moving. the best way to play is with four or more people but my husband and i will play together and we have a lot of fun too.

2. apples to apples. i first played this game about a year ago and just loved it. i don't think that it was the most favorite game of the friends that i was playing with but i still enjoyed it.

3. rummy cube. this game is one that my parents use to play all the time and they taught us. when my parents first came to visit us, a couple of years ago, they bought it for us because we didn't have any games to play. so whenever they come and visit us we play it.

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