Tuesday, January 15, 2008

6 months

baby boy is six months today and i was watching him 2 nights ago when i went to feed him and laughing at how he sometimes attacks his bottle when he's hungry and thinking about how much i love that about him and wanted to post the things that i love about him.

i love...how when you are hungry and the bottle is close to your mouth you attack it

i love...the way your hair looks after a bath

i love...the way you stare at you hands before they find there way to your mouth

i love...the dimple in you chin

i love...picking the fuzz out from between your toes

i love...the way your eyes smile at me even when i can't see you mouth

i love...your lips

i love...when you are asleep in your daddy's arms

i love...that you are so happy when you wake up

i love...that you look for me when you hear my voice

i love...when you talk to me

i love...making you laugh and smile

i love...your left ear (the puzzle piece)

i love...the way you smile at you daddy

i love...how observant you are

i love...that when you are tired you cry with your eyes closed

i love...that you always have the look of surprise whenever you roll over, even if you did it 3 secs ago

i love...when you curl up and cuddle you face into my neck

i love...the sweet smell of your breath

i love...that i can kiss your cheeks a million times and you just let me

i love...the way your face looks after eating (chubbier)

i love...that you favorite thing is to have all your clothes off and just be in your diaper

i love...the look on your face when you first wake up

i love...that you sleep through the night

i love...just you


  1. i love ... your post

  2. I am glad to see that you have learned to cherrish your days with your baby boy!

  3. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Lint between the toes huh...and you don't even like feet.
    Too cute...print and save but remember that you have to do it for the next one...

  4. What a sweet post. I thought I was crazy for picking fuzz between E's toes and fingers and enjoying it!! Baby fuzz is different...I wouldn't do the same for X!!

  5. Oh this is just the sweetest post! You need to do a scrapbook page with this on it!!!

  6. and yes...baby sleeping through the night is a wonderful thing!

  7. thanks everyone. it was fun going through all the reasons i love that little person in my life. ~t i've been told about having to do everything for the next but also that it usually donesn't happen. and it is fun to pull the lint out of babies toes care-in. i wouldn't do it for M either. and i don't like feet unless it's baby feet. they are different. cheryl...i've always been amazed at people who can scrapbook and do it well. i can't say that i am good at it but someone gave me a scrapbook at a baby shower and i've been working on one for little guy and this post is going to be one of the pages.

  8. Love this! Maybe he can come over and teach Abby a thing or two about sleeping thru the night!

  9. sorry about that amber. i hope that happens for you soon.