Wednesday, January 23, 2008


i have this giggle problem.
you know when you uncontrollably giggle at the wrong or most inappropriate times.
like when someone is praying...inappropriate.
or how about his one: first off keep in mind that i went to bible college for four years. OKAY!
at church on sunday the pastor was preaching from jonah. so my hubby picks up the pew bible and starts his search for jonah. he's looking like he can't find it. so me, being smug and all, takes it from him and proceeds to find jonah. i open up to joel and hand the bible back to him.
he looks at me questioning what i had just done. he points to the name and then i notice it. oh wrong "j" name. i am now frantically going through the old testament books in my head and before i get to the end of them, where jonah is i look over at my hubby and said, "wait, there isn't a jonah!" (why do i even speak sometimes.)
again the questioning look and he says while laughing, "you should have your bible college degree taken away from you."
here is where the giggling starts and i have trouble stopping them. like the pastor would print sermon notes and preach a sermon on the book of jonah if there wasn't one. i guess it's not unheard of. try looking for the book of moses or noah.

anyways, this brings me to last night when i'm holding baby boy as he's trying to go to sleep. he was fussy and tired and once the crying stopped he laid in my arms, eyes closed making spit bubbles. then he'd get all cozy and i would think he's finally about to go to sleep and the spit bubbles would start again. i couldn't help it, the giggles just spilled out. which would make him stop only to start up again and make me giggle more. meanwhile my hubby is shhhh--ing me, like i can help it. eventually the bubbles stopped as did the giggles and little guy floated, on a bubble probably, off to dream land.

i love the joy and unexpected giggles that little babies bring into our lives, even when they aren't trying.


  1. I'm thinking that the jonah/joel incident is just complete proof that bearing children does indeed decrease our brain cells and they never return fully. ;) Great story.

  2. that is so funny!!!!!

  3. Ha ha!!! That was so funny!! I hate when I get the giggles during prayer time!!!

  4. -c the brain cells are decreasing. and i hate it. but what a great reason for them to decrease.

    it was quite funny