Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Years Resolutions

these are a little late but here they are...........

1. get baby boy to sit up
2. teach sawyer baby sign
3. read more books than i did last year

i was going to look and see how i did with my resolutions from last year but i didn't make them.


  1. Good list. Let me know if you come across a good baby sign language book.

  2. click on this site and this is the one that my mom bought me. i liked it because it has the big flash cards to show baby. it's not to expensive. a friend of mine said it doesn't matter what book you use though.


    check out that ^^^
    have you heard of these videos? I've gotten them at the library, and I'm impressed with them.

    I've randomly seen clips on PBS. It's kindof like a baby einsteinish sign language kindof thing.

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I'm so glad we did signs with Elliya. We essentially got "please" and "more" down which was fine with me. It took a lot of us doing it and then taking her hands and doing it for her. Eventually she started imitating us.

  5. Great list. i especially love the reading more books!

  6. alli- haven't heard of those video's but i may have to check into them although sawyer is kind of a couch potato. he watches the tv whenever it's on even when we are trying to get him not to watch it. it's pretty funny.

    care-in-i've heard it's a lot of work but fun. when my nephew was around one i taught him more and then his mom and dad attempted to teach him please but they mistaked it for thank you. it was sweet.

    cheryl-thanks reading is great. i'm reading two books right now and i have one waiting for me when i get done with those.

  7. Signing Time w/Alex and Leah is awesome! We discovered it when we were evacuated and we've found it ...through TiVo...on TV at random times. My boys never did a lot of signs themselves but they sure could understand us. :)