Monday, March 31, 2008

The Land

these are picture of when we went to my father-in-laws land a couple of weeks ago. the baby girl is my niece. i love these pictures of her. she is such a cutie.

i just love her expressions.

the goat is one of the baby goats that were just born. there were 5 of them i think.

here are pics of my sweet boy. he's so beautiful. i love snapping pics of him. especially pics of him outside.

and here is my nephew. he moves all the time so it's usually hard to get pics of him. i think that he was tired here so he sat down with his sword (the stick) and rested.

eggs, eggs, everywhere there's eggs. these two are a little to young to have an egg hunt but we tried to involve them anyway. we really had the hunt for my nephew who wasn't all that interested in finding them he wanted to help hide them. he had so much practice egg hunting that by the time easter got here he was tearing through the yard on a mission to get every egg that he could.

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  1. Your little guy looks so much like M!!! Too cute.