Sunday, March 30, 2008

Music to my Heart

the other day while using the computer, i hear nothing else but the beautiful noise of my baby boys laugh. the deep belly laugh. there is nothing like it. i'm sure that every mother in the whole world, across all centuries have thought the same thing too. i wish i could bottle that belly laugh up and open it whenever i needed it. (which would probably be all the time because it's just so innocent and sweet)

after hearing this amazing sound i called to my hubby, who was in the other room with him to see what little guy was laughing so hard at. when he called me in the room to see, i found him tickling him with this. we got this at our neighborhood clean up day and i'm sure that this isn't what it's suppose to be used for but whatever makes little guy giggle we'll use it. it's amazing what amuses him.

my hubby and i just saw the greatest movie. it has nothing to do with my sons laughter but everything to do with music. it's called August Rush and i just loved it. i'd like to think that music can bring people together like it did in this movie. if you haven't seen it yet then go out and rent it. it's great. the music is great, the people are great, the story is great and the pictures are great.


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I started laughing when I saw your tickle tool. Just picturing you tickling the little guy with that thing made me chuckle!

  2. Oh, I love to hear little ones laugh and giggle. One of the sweetest sounds ever!

    The girls and I all want to see that movie. Will have to check it out soon!!

  3. care-in-it was hilarious. i love making babies laugh. especially mine.

    cheryl-you need to go and rent that movie. you will love it. at least i hope you will. i sure did

  4. First, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE pictures! :) I so wish I could see S & A together! They would be so cute together. I love belly laughs. S- got A to belly laugh for the first time last week. So cute!

    I almost picked up that movie at the store last week but wasn't sure if S- would like it. Good to know it's good.