Wednesday, March 19, 2008


tags, tags, tags.....little guy love some tags. tags on pillows (pillows is another story of things he loves), tags on blankets, tags on books, tags on stuffed animals, tags on chew toys. after observing his love for tags i got out his taggie books. i love these books because they are so colorful and the tags on the end of them are fun and textured. however, he doesn't like his taggie books. he would rather play with the actually tag on the taggie book. and then he gets frustrated when he can't get it or the book falls open on his face. it's pretty funny to watch your eight month old have somewhat of a temper tantrum over a tag. i love him so much and just thought that i would share his new love with you guys.


  1. I remember when Orin was into tags. I was amazed how he could find the tag on ANYTHING. I also loved your pictures of him looking at his was so much fun to watch Orin discover his hands. I think I have identical pictures. :-)

  2. you are right. he finds tags on everything just like orin did. babies are so funny with their hands. really any hands. he loves mine too. sometimes when he's looking at his i will lay on the floor next to him and put my hand behind his so he can see his and see that my hand is bigger then his but they look the same.