Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Overlooked #3

the subject for overlooked #3 was your fridge. something in it, the whole inside, the outside. so here is mine and what i have to say about the firdge and some about grocery shopping.

see the picture at the top (the wallet sized one) of the baby in the orange and blue...that's my baby boy.

the top of our fridge is covered in pics of fam and friends, held on with mags of places me and my hubby have been

we usually go to the grocery store once a week, on the weekend. i have a love/hate relationship with the grocery store. we usually go to walmart or publix.
lists....i love to write lists. something about crossing of the things i've done or gotten. like i've accomplished something in buying milk that week. (pathetic i know.) i also like coupons and try to use them as much as possible. saving every little bit helps.
yoplait...this is something we buy every weekend.
orange cream
lemon burst
strawberry banana

the row of mags that start with the strawberries and end with the little people are mags that were on my hubby's nana's fridge. the wooden round one at the end is the one that we bought on our honeymoon. and the states are some of the states that my hubby and i have been to.


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I love your states magnets!

  2. thanks. they are fun. we've been to mre but couldn't find them. we need to get up to the new england states and explore that part of the country. new york is one of the places that i want to go.

  3. I love that you have Michael's nana's magnets. Sweet. Something cool that could be passed down.
    Do you guys ever come to Birmingham?

  4. we are suppose to be coming sometime in may for a conference that he has to go to. we are staying with my sis. i'll have to find out the days and let you know.

  5. I like the state mags too. The whole yogurt thing, I'm mixing granola or just grape nut cereal in a yogurt with a very low sugar content. (So that I don't feel as guilty eating dessert later on in the day:)

  6. I am on your fridge! That made me smile!!!

  7. Anonymous7:26 PM

    no way!

    i forgot all about those. the fruit mags that is. my grams had those too. good memories. . . wonder where those are now.

    - virginia's husband.