Thursday, October 16, 2014


Golden boys new hearing aid molds.
we get new molds every 2-3months or so. this is nothing new for us. we used to pick orange and black stripes when he first got his hearing aids because he loved Tigger so much and we called them Tigger ears. there came a point where he started to choose the color himself. I wish I would have marked the date. we have all of his ear molds from the very beginning. I will have to gather them all up and get a picture of them. but back to these. when he deiced on gold/yellow and tan it was because he wanted the colors of his school mascot.  it is an eagle and his feathers are brown (I don't think brown was an options and his feet and beak are yellow)
he was very excited to be getting his new molds. when we pulled them out of the bag I was thinking, yikes the kind of look pinkish.
I handed them to him and he looked at them and then looked at me. I said they look great buddy.
he said they aren't eagle ears and they are pink.
I held them up to his skin and showed him that they were tan.
he asked, "what am I going to call them?" (because they weren't what he was expecting and can't call them eagle ears)
I told him that we would show daddy and that maybe he could help us come up with something to call them. we got in the car to head to speech therapy and he was still looking at them and he was pretty quiet. then he sighed in frustration and said "I don't know what to call them." I let him know again that we could have daddy help us name them when we got home. he said, "I need to know now what to call them." I told him that I would try and think of something to call them. right as I had something in mind, he said, "I know what I can call them."
"what?" I said.
He said, "I can call them Goldie Treasure."
I told him how much I loved it and how creative he was to come up with that. the way his mind works.......I just love it. it didn't occur to me that he was sitting in the back of the van mulling over what it was that he wanted to name his hearing aid molds. sure we had named them from the beginning and it's our thing. I love our things. maybe no one else gets it but I love it.
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