Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Lesson In Shyness

not so much about how to be, although I guess I could teach that.

just the other morning my daughter said that she didn't want to talk to someone because they were shy. (this coming from my girl who is rarely shy. she puts her shy shoes on when I mention talking to someone, but other than that there isn't a shy bone in her body.)

I asked her if she loved me? she said that she did (almost like it was a ridiculous questions) I told her that when I was a little girl i wasn't like her, I was shy. I asked her about another little girl and she is friends with, i said, "do you remember how she was shy when you first met her? and not she is a good friend of yours."  I reminded her that it was just recently that we were at the park. there she met a lady that was walking her dog. after the lady went home little girl told me that she liked meeting new people. (this girl is not shy!) she remembered that too.

back to me being shy. I told her that she I was younger I was very shy (I still am, I just at better now about being intentional about not being shy (or at least I think I am better about it))
I told her that the first time I ever went to the church that I grew up in, that I was very shy. it was there that I met my best friend. she said oh I know her. I told her that she wasn't shy even though I was and that I am still so grateful that she came up to me over 20 years ago and introduced herself to me.

here we are in highschool

this is us in college.(bad photo quality)
I know I have some of us as kids but can't locate them right now.

Here we are now

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for this women and that she is part of my life. God knew what he was doing when he had her run up to me and introduce herself. (there is a good chance what I was in my little house of the prairie clothing, hat, pantaloons and all. (Lily you were not the only one to dress this way, in fact some of the clothing you wore was probably once mine. my sister wouldn't have been caught dead in it though.)

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