Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Last

this morning Little girl came out of her bedroom and I caught her in the hallway
she gave me a BIG smile and then let me pick her up and snuggle her.
after walking from our hallway into the kitchen with her, snuggled in, I asked her if she knew what today was? she told me that it was church day.
I laughed because of course it was church day but I let her know that it was also her last day as a four year old.
she smiled.
I told her that tomorrow she was turning "5" and that I was going to miss her as a four year old.
I told her that I loved this last year as her being four
that four seemed still little as she was growing and being big
that she was still tiny and my baby
that I liked all that she had learned this year as a four year old and that I was going to miss 4 a whole lot.
I think she is eager to be 5. there must be something magical and special about being 5.
a whole handful.
I just know that I am going to miss four.
but I have a feeling that 5 is going to be pretty awesome too.

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