Monday, May 25, 2015

Adventure 21

We celebrated some last's this week
Little girl's last day of pre-school
Golden Boy's Last day of 1st Grade
It was a whirl wind of  a week.
I posted this on Facebook a week or so ago:
*shadows dancing on tent walls
*water rushing in the nearby river
*flashlights flickering in the dark
*voices murmuring at night
*stars sparkling in the night sky...
*the smell of fires burning........I am dreaming about camping again.

My hubby made the decision on Thursday night to go camping again. I was all in and ready. We packed up and left on Friday morning for three nights of camping. It was a perfect weekend, weather wise to have tent camped bit the place we like to camp only had these cabins left and that was just find too.
 our home away from home for three nights

we played some bingo
golden boy won these in bingo
we took the kids to ride go carts

M&M race car dude

listening to a bit of bluegrass (family favorite)
these kids rocked the climbing wall. they never made it to the top but did great

swaying grass
small spaces
huge vistas
 sweet siblings
yellow, green, blue

this little guy took a ride with us for some of the way through Cades Cove

hiking with these three is my favorite
facebook post after our camping weekend:
*sticky marshmellows *chocolate fingers *flame-kissed burgers *raccoon *newt *minows *cool evenings *warm days *making my 10,000 step goal every day *butterflies *wildflowers *the breeze blowing through the high grass ***wonderful camping weekend. Happy we got to go again***

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