Monday, May 04, 2015

Adventure 18

I can't believe that i am already at 18 Adventures. this little blogging adventure (in and of itself has been a blast) i am so glad that i joined up with my cousin Lily to find the beauty and adventures in our weeks.

this weekend was loaded full of adventures it is so hard to pick just one.
here is a brief run down of the great things we did.
Saturday morning we went on a hike with some friends. we packed a picnic and once we were done the hike we ate lunch and then headed to a nursery to get some tomato plants for the garden.
from there I went to a friends house to write some Bible verses on the foundation of the home they are building. they are pretty far in the building process, you can check out their process here, but there is no flooring placed yet, so it was perfect timing and weather. we have been trying to plan this since February. I am so glad that we got to do it this weekend.  I so love this woman and the blessing that she is in my life. i loved being able to write scripture on the floors of her house and bless it. her and her husband are such great friends and i love their love for others.
we took my nephew and nieces strawberry picking (one of our favorite things to do in may) 2007200820092014 (see, we really like to go strawberry picking and we went in 2010-2013 too but i stopped blogging as much for a while there.)
it was so much fun. they loved searching for the biggest and pretties and yummiest strawberries. it was great watching them and picking and eating strawberries.

that is a lot of adventures, i know. but i saved my adventure this week of the 31 Bits house party that a friend of mine and i hosted.
we were sent a ton of this beautiful jewelry that is made by ladies in Uganda. i love the story behind 31 bits. you can read more about it here.
i love that they are empowering women through learning and growing and loving on them.
i so wish i would have gotten some pictures of the ladies that came. it was a small group but it was perfect and we loved having them come. i am pretty sure that they enjoyed it just as much, it was a great time.

after we decide that we wanted to host a house party and got the ball rolling on that, i came across an instagram post from Kirsten Duke that linked to her earth day party. i tagged my friend in it because her earth cookies were precious. we decided that the earth cookies were a must and that with the jewelry being made in Uganda, that maybe we should go green and blue earth colors and globes. (these were the only two globes that i had but we put them out anyway) the green table cloth and napkins were something i had on hand as well as the mason jars, paper straws and lemonade pitcher. my friend froze some blueberries in ice cubes and we floated those in the lemonade. we had a delicious artichoke dip recipe that my best friend gave me a few years ago, some green fruit and veggies(that my friend cut up and put out). it was simple but perfect.

truthfully, there was no need for much decor. the jewelry is just stunning.

the women who make the jewelry, lovely
the stories they have, beautiful

we had so much fun pulling out all of the jewelry and handing it all up and

so blessed to be a small part of helping the women of Uganda as they learn, grow, hope, dream and believe.
God is doing great things through these ladies.
***Local friends, if you weren't able to make it to the house party but you are interested in seeing the jewelry please let me know and we can get together for you to check it all out.

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