Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prayers Please

crazy times. little guy and i had plans to come to nola to visit my family on thursday august 28th. even though we knew that gustav was coming we were hopeing for it to turn. asside from coming to see my parents i was really looking foward to seeing my grandparents and having little guy see my grandparents. it will be my papaw's 75th birthday in a couple of days and we were excited to spend it with him. he said that not many people get hurricane's for their birthday so he felt special. :) totally kidding of course. :)

anyways, we did leave for nola on thursday and we got there around 6ish. then on friday after spending the day with mom we decided to come to mississippi to some friends house that didn't have any damage from katrina and stay there. it was good thing that we left on friday night (there was no traffic, a blessing from God, since we were traveling with little guy who hadn't been feeling well). on saturday it was crazy the amount of people coming out of nola. the traffic that we watched on tv was crazy. there were people that we spoke with that took them over 5 hours to just get out of the city. i can't imagine that.

so for now we are staying here in picayune with some friends. we have no desire to get out on the interstates and be stuck in major traffic with a baby. i just ask that everyone pray. i feel like we are safe here and that is the most inportant thing, stuff isn't. but i remember the heartache and frustration that my parents and so many, many other people went througt after katrina and i can't imagine them having to go through this all over again. it seems like my parents just got the house all fixed from three years ago for them to have to go through it again. then there are the people just 4 houses down from them, who no lie their fema trailer was being picked up on thrusday when get got into nola. how crazy is that.

so just pray, pray, pray, please. sorry this is such a long post but i wanted to get it all in and let everyone know that we are safe. i'm just missing my sweet hubby and i'm sure baby boy is missing him too. he loves his so much.

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Teeth

little guy has two more teeth in.
so now we are just waiting for the last one on the upper right and he will have four on the top and four on the bottom.
yeah for his chompers.
i know.
i'm silly about teeth.
can't help it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


here are some pictures that my mom took of little guy on his birthday. i can't believe how beautiful he is. i'm sure every parent thinks that about their children but just look at those blue eyes and the beautiful smile. i just love this kid. i was also asked to post some pics of him and his teeth so here are some. there aren't any of the new one yet though.

pretty eyes

look at those teeth

oh what a sweet face

all wet

so happy to be in the water

happy boy

and one of my faves. i love to color of his eyes and that you can see his teeth.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


little guy got another tooth in yesterday. as you can see the title of my post it the letter "G" and that is the tooth that he got in. it's the upper left (lateral) the one next to the middle (central) on the left. we are so proud of his teeth.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Crib Tent

so we got the crib tent that we bid on, on ebay. it was half the price that we would have paid for in the stores so i thought that was good. we got is all set up this weekend and last night was the first night that little guy was able to sleep in the crib with the new tent. we removed the launch pad that we had set up just in case he jumped out again (which never happened).
this morning when i went to get him he was kneeling in the crib (i'm not sure if he figured out how to stand up in it yet) and when i unzipped it he was kneeling there saying mamamamama. it was so sweet. i'm just glad that we have something to keep him in his crib for a while longer.

Monday, August 04, 2008


last week with little guy was something else. he was so temperamental. just not my happy baby boy. he did have his happy moments but the bad seemed to out weigh the happy ones. yesterday was very interesting. he decided to wake up at 5:40am.

after struggling to get him to go back to sleep we decided to feed him a bottle. after he sucked down the bottle he still wasn't happy. he didn't want to go back to sleep. i got up with him and let m- sleep a little longer, hoping to catch a nap later on in the day. at 7:30am i brought him to his dad and crawled into bed. my two guys decided to go for a walk while i caught some zzzzzzzz's. an hour later they were arriving back home and little guy was out. he fell asleep on their walk home. m- put him into bed and he slept for and hour and a half.

at 10:00am. we heard his little peeping voice. we heard it twice and the thump and lots and lots of crying. we rushed into his room. my hubby got there before me and he was laying face down on the floor. we picked him up and tried of comfort him and i made sure there was nothing broken, bruised or bleeding. he was perfect. there was not a think on him. not even a bump. just lots of crying. the kid can't even walk yet and he's crawling out of his bed. what in the world? we don't know what we are going to do. there is something at babies r us that is called a crib tent that we thought about buying but at 80 dollars for mosquito netting is crazy. so that hubby went on ebay and found some that we will be purchasing this week sometime. probably tonight. as for now his room is set up like a launch pad. we drug that mattress from the spare bedroom into his room and put it in front of his crib and then we put pillows and stuff on the sides of the crib. hopefully he won't do that again but i'm sure that he will.

in other news i got a new book from the library. thank goodness because i was bookless and that is not a good thing to be. i got Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and i love it. i can't put it down. i'm about half way through and i just can't even imagine what is going to happen. how can a character in a book enchant you? well edward has. i see what bella is going through. can't wait to get to the end.