Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Making of a Grandparents Photograph

My parents got out numbered with grandchildren when my sister had her oldest. It is just me and my younger sister. I have two kiddo's and she has two kiddo's.
kind of sweet since that is how we grew up (a family of four)

we went to visit my parents over the Memorial Day weekend at their lake house and the night before we left I mentioned to my sis that we needed to get a pic of mom and dad with the kids. that morning, mom mentioned that she wished she had gotten a picture of the two of them with the four kids.

we headed out to the front porch and set up.

I told them I was just getting the camera ready, which truly I was but then once I looked back through them I thought it would be fun to make this blog post about getting a picture with four children.

setting up here and figuring out where everyone should sit.
thank you mom for taking care of this.
(I sometimes fell like I am terrible at this)

the youngest is with Honey

now he is with Bear, and we still aren't ready

four out of the six but still cute

four out of the six again. this time one of them is different than the last picture

now only three of the six (come one people)

I would say this one is pretty great except for my son in the background, who had such a large piece of gum in his mouth it looked like he had chew in there.

wait, another almost good one. (note to self: next time we get a family picture with mom and dad, have kids spit out the gum)

sometime you just have to embrace the gum faced mouth and claim this one, THE ONE!

this one may be my favorite, even thought little girl isn't looking at the camera, I love her expression. the love

again another favorite even though golden boy has a silly face

and not matter how much I snap the break down happens at some point

 and I yell "ok silly picture"

which of course everyone loves

they were all really good sports to sit through all of the pictures, even though it happen so quickly.