Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Books I am reading this Month (September)

 I missed August but you can see all the books that i have read this year here, or you can see all that i read in August here. (scroll to the bottom).

my son had to read this for summer reading and I just love what I have read so far. it is a fast read and I need to pick it up again and see how it ends, even though I know a little about it from conversations with my son.

every so often I take the question to the people of Facebook, "what are you reading now or what books have you read recently that you would recommend." I received a lot of really great suggestions but out of all of them this on was the first one that I started with

I have read everything by Robin Jones Gunn. I just love her so much. i pre-ordered this back BC (a friend said that is before corona, for those that may not have know) it took months to get there. i am so glad to have it in my hands and reading it.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Things I've learned this Summer

i love reflecting back to each season. it is a practice i have been trying to do, with the urging of Emily P Freemans posts. click here to follow along.....

1. trying to see my daughters questioning, ALWAYS questioning, as a way she is learning, and that it isn't always her being defiant.

2. that we can speak graciously to people even thought they don't speak that way to us

3. the sky continues to call to me and be my favorite
i look forward to seeing it in the morning and in the evening #frommysidedoor4

4. that so much changes and i am not the lover of quick change

5. i'm learning all the time, and i am almost 40. i can't expect my kids to just know something. how many time does it take me to "get it"
#givinggrace #acceptingflaws #nooneisperfect

6. It is amazing, to be present with friends and look back to where you've come from, what you remember, who you were and maybe who you still are

7. Starting a small business was never the plan. While it's isn't easy, it is fun and so very helpful and I am realizing I can do this.
There is alot that Nuskin has to offer, but i have tried to narrow down my favorite and highlight things on my site. I would love it if you checked it out.

Firming Cream

Books i have read this Summer:
The Gender Game-Bella Forrest
Cold Tangerines-Shauna Niequist
Keturah-Lisa Tawn Bergren

Lady Clementine-Marie Benedict
Strange the Dreamer-Laini Taylor
Smoke Screen-Terri Blackstock

Anne of Green Gables-L.M. Montgomery
The Ballad of Song Birds and Snakes-Suzanne Collins
The Hate U Give-Angie Thomas