Monday, August 29, 2011


my husband cuts the grass almost every weekend (unless it doesn't need it.) my little guy loves to be outside with daddy and loves to help cut the grass. i love this picture of him helping out with the grass cutting.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Orange and Lake House Weekend

this weekend we drove three hours to visit my parents at the lake. when little guy spent a week with them in july all he wanted to watch (when it was tv time) was this one pooh bear movie that he called pink pooh bear because the cover was pink. my mom told me that she hid it hoping that we could get him to watch something different. we started with 101 Dalmations. he loved all the puppies. i loved how the dogs called their owners their pets and of course my rolly (he was my fave puppy when i watched it as a kid.....still is) he watched that one two times and then we were able to get him to watch some Peter Pan (another one of my childhood favorites.) he really liked that one too. when i saw that the word was orange i knew that i wanted to get something that happend this weekend while we were at the lake.
yes that is a VHS tape. my parents had a ton of VHS movies and when they got the house at the lake the brought them up here. we happend to have an extra VCR and gave it to them so now we are getting good use out of them. i love it.
more lake pictures below, after the Peter Pan one.
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Honey and Little Miss enjoying dounuts

Little Miss eating a powdered donut...her first one

LC and J

Little Guy chilling on the boat ride....waiting to get in the water

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of PreSchool

my boys first day of pre-school was yesterday. we ate breakfast and got ready to go. there was no protesting like i thought and he walked into the school ready to go. he got to see one of his friends but they aren't in the same class. when we walked into the class room he dropped his lunch on the floor and tried to make an exit. i reminded him to pick up his lunch (he was proud of his lunch box) and when he turned his back i made my exit. didn't get a phone call from the teachers saying to come get him to i figured he was having a great day and he did. when asked what he did at school he said, played, prayed and ate dinner. he is so awesome. i love this kid

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I wouldn't say that I have an obsession with Vera Bradley, but I very much like her bags.
My first Vera purchase was for my mom. My sister and I got her this purse, or at least it was something like this purse in this color. Before a year was up it as already falling apart so she traded it in for the same shape purse but in this color.
That same year by best friend gave me this tote for my birthday/Christmas.
Two years ago I wanted a new purse for my birthday. I couldn't get this Vera one out of my head,(although mine is the black white and yellow one, not this print) so my mother in law got it for me.
At Christmas time last year I was wanting a new diaper bag for my daughter. I had a couple people tell me that I should get a Vera Bradley one but I didn't want to spend that much on it. I looked and looked and couldn't find one anywhere for a good price so I gave up. The thoughts of wanting one came back and I looked at some local Hallmarks and found that they had some on sale and this is the one that I found and I love it. It wasn't the print that I was looking at and looking for around Christmas but now that I have this one I really love it. It's prefect for me and for my sweet girl. So this is what I carry now.

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Monday, August 08, 2011


I wish that I could say that this weekend we went to New York City and that is why you are looking at small pictures of New York places: The Statue of Liberty, St. Peters Chapel, Central Park and The Empire State Building, but this is just a mini book that I put together after our (me and the hubby) trip to New York City in October 2008. The reason that I am using it for this photo challenge is because I had to get it out when by best friend posted on facebook a question about how to go to New York on the cheap and things to do. I ran straight for the bookshelf and took this little book off and started going through it to give her some ideas. There is so much that is Historic about New York City that just saying the name New York I think historic. So while I wish that I was there in person this weekend I was able to relive our trip through photos, maps, tickets and memorabilia from our trip in 2008.

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Monday, August 01, 2011


this is one of my favorite groups to "jam" to. i think that they only put out 3 cd's as a group and my husband and i have all three of them. they have been played continually. you can see the words wearing off of the cd. one of them we have in the car and there are spots where it skips, it's been played so much. we were able to see Nickel Creek in concert when we lived in the northwest and they were awesome. it may not be the typical music that people "jam" to, blue grass, but it's what we like to "jam" to.

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