Thursday, April 07, 2016

What I learned in March

Hi I am new to this, so here goes.......

I have occasionally hopped on over to Emily P. Freeman's Blog.
I have read three of her books and have loved every single one if them. Because i am an occasional reader of her blog, i missed the "What we Learned....." series. I happened to catch it this morning and think it is something that i want to jump into this year. Sure i am two months behind but that is ok. I am fine with that. #beingflexible
I think i need to be a more regular reader of her blog though. especially since her books where go great.   

1. Mrs Meyer's everything is my favorite. I may have an addiction. the honeysuckle is probably my favorite right now.  Learning how to incorporate more all natural products into our home.

photo credited to Myquillyn at The Nester

2. My skin hasn't been this clean in so long. My little sis has been selling Younique make up and I have purchased quite a few items from her. Before this I rarely wore make up. Since buying it i wear it almost every day. it isn't an overwhelming amount either. I still wash and moisturize my face with the same stuff that I have used for awhile but then I apply the primer and either use the pressed powder foundation or the liquid foundation which has been dubbed "liquid gold", and truly it is. I love it. The bronzer i use is Hermosa. I have three of the Lip Stains: sleek, sappy, and shy, two lipsticks: upscale and affluent and the splurge cream eye shadow in "Dainty"

If you are at all interested in trying out Younique makeup i am hear to say that you will not be disappointed. My sister can help you out. you can find her Younique page here or find her on Facebook here.  I am learning how to better use make up and still look natural with it. not going to overboard.

here i am wearing the primer, powder foundation, bronzer and the lip stain "shy" with a bit of the lipstick "upscale" over it.
3. Baseball started for my little guy. I have a love hate relationship with baseball. I love watching my little guy play. i hate how long the season it. I am trying to relish in this time because i know that it will go quickly and i won't have the time back. there may be a day that he doesn't want to play anymore, so i am trying to soak up all of his play time and enjoying being on the sidelines cheering for his team.

4. Easter has become one of my favorite holidays. The past few years I have done the She Reads Truth Lent studies (2016) and have loved them so much. My early years growing up we were Catholic. We went to Mass, we gave up things for Lent (and didn't always stick with it), we went to Catholic school. It wasn't until I was in third grade that we started attending a  non-denominational church and learned about having a realtionship with the God who created us. At that point we stopped doing everything that we had done the Catholic way. Giving up something for Lent was not something that we practiced anymore. Three years ago when I did my first SRT Lent study I gave something up and it had been the first time I had done it in years, since I was a kid. Another thing is love about it is that I try for the most part to keep it personal. Sure there are a few people that know about it but I don't walk around talking about and say what I gave up for Lent. I mean, that is not what it is all about right? It is something that you sacrifice, that helps bring you closer in your relationship with the Lord. not something that you need to let everyone know that you are doing and compare how your gift is greater than someone elses or feel less about what you gave up. I think this act of giving up, as an adult has really helped me to focus on the Lord during this time and carry it over into day to day life after Lent.

5. Spend the time with those you love because you are never guaranteed tomorrow. My Nana-in-law went to Heaven at the the end of March. She is now whole and celebrating with our Lord.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


I have been working through the Karen Kingsbury Family of Jesus study and using the Give Me Jesus Journal from Gretchen Saffle.
 I am only four days into the study but I have really enjoyed it. The journal is beautiful and well done.

The second day of the study on Joseph posed a question on uncertainty. I wrote this in my journal:

I think when I was pregnant with Golden Boy there was a lot of uncertainty. It was my first pregnancy, my body didn't always seem to want to cooperate and then ultimately didn't at the end, having me deliver my tiny boy over 2 months early. Being 2lbs and 14oz and struggling for every breath.....those were uncertain times. They feel like a moment ago. Like I can reach back and just touch yesterday but he is pushing 9 years old and growing so big. Those were uncertain times for sure but I feel like when I look back on them we had a peace. Peace that when we left our tiny little guy in the hospital every night that God was there with him, helping him to continue to breath, having him gain the weight he needed, settling his wrestlessness. I feel like we had a peace through most of it.
I am thankful for the uncertain times and the Peace that He brings with them.  

These photos were taken by my sister-in-law.
Check out her other work at Pixel Me Photography
she does an amazing job with everything she does.