Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I posted this back in January when i was trying to figure out what i wanted to put above the coffee bar.

i started collecting baskets when i saw some basket walls on Pinterest.
I asked my hubby what he thought and he wasn't all the crazy about it.
he wanted to do another Bible verse sign and liked one that i showed him that i wanted for above the piano.

the one i wanted for above the piano was one that i would have to make and it was large scale. i didn't want something that large here but thought i could make it smaller and was fine with it for above the coffee station even though i really wanted to hang the baskets and had them. 

i started talking to him about the size of the signs and the look and he said you know what, just do the baskets. i see you have them so just go with that. 
sweet, i was going to get my baskets after all . yay!

I laid them all out of the floor and then started using small nail to hang them. i sent this picture to my mom to let her know that i was getting started on it.

i hung that small basket and towel holder first (to the right of the coffee pot)

a different angle and more added

after i got all of them up i realized that one of my favorites was sitting on the table and i missed hanging it up. 
I asked little girl to hold it for me to so that i could send the picture to mom and my sister for thoughts.

mom said that she thought that it was too many baskets. she didn't realize that i so many collected.
i stepped back and looked at it and tried to start rearranging. 
we went though a few moves until i got to where i liked it.
my grandmother was visiting my mom so mom showed her the photos and she gave her suggestions too.

i landed here with all of them and mom said that she thought i should put some space between all of them. to keep them in the same places but spread out just a bit.

i spread them out and sent her this picture. she said it looked great and then came back with well maybe the long one needed to come down a bit. by that point it was later in the evening and the kids were asleep and i was ready to chill so i waited.

the next morning i pulled it down some and snapped a picture and sent it to her.
yay for finally having something over the coffee cart and i am still loving it a week later.

Friday, August 10, 2018


Decades ago I took dance. I took it for years and then stopped and in high school made the dance team all four years. I wondered if having a girl would mean dance. I never enrolled her at 3 or 4 or 5 and by then she had her own thoughts and ideas of what she'd like to do and we were fine with that. Just this year she asked about dance. I was thrilled but had to remind her of the commitment that it was. We spent the whole summer asking if she was sure and every time she came back with, Yes. She was. 
Of course she also wants to do art and piano and baking/cooking. One thing at a time little girl 

Side note: she wanted a new bag because mine had my name on it. I told her it was now hers. I'd put her name on it and it was "vintage" 
She saw it today with her name in silver paint pen and loved it. 
I love that my mom saved special things from our childhood. Sometimes I don't know what to save. 
Can I just box it all up and save forever?

first day of dance....she was ready

Tuesday, August 07, 2018


I have a hashtag on instagram called #andyfirstdays
it is all the kids school first days since i have been on ig.

today i took photos with their school signs and then asked them what they wanted to do for a picture.
this is what Golden boy chose
#dab (of course)

this is what Little girl did

I have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader
It seems like just yesterday Golden boy was a 3rd grader.
School by the numbers:
2 kiddos
2 home room teachers
1 is the same teacher as last year (we are pretty thrilled about this)
3 teacher changes for my oldest
1 hearing impaired teacher
1 speech therapist
1 gifted teacher
2 kids upstairs
1 kids last year in elementary
this is such a big and exciting year
bring is 2018-2019

school days through the years
oh my goodness 2014. my baby.