Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Much Awaited Bday Pics

this is him exhausted after eating all the frosting which was so so good.

he was obsessed with the balloon hanging from his high chair. oh and my hubby has frosting on his face because he mistakenly put his face to close to the cake while talking to little guy and his brother ran across the kitchen and smashed his face into the cake.

here are the much awaited birthday boy pictures. i can't say that he dove enthusiastically into his birthday cake but he did enjoy it. after i got his hands into it he sucked the frosting off of his fingers like the frosting on his fingers was all the frosting that he was going to get. it was cute.

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Been to Long

oh my it's been over two weeks since i've last posted. we've been busy. my parents came to visit for a week. then my sister and her boyfriend came in. on saturday the 19th we had little guys bday party. (i'll post pics asap) my aunt and uncle and one of my bff's come to the party as well as my aunt kim (mom's sister) and her son and his wife and their three kids and then all of my husbands family. we had 32 people in my little house, and that's including me, my hubby and little guy. it was a lot of fun though. i was glad for everyone being able to come and celebrate the first year of little guys life. what a blessing he is.

during his party i was talking with my cousins wife, ashley. we were talking about blogs and she was saying the they look at mine and see lots of little guys growing up and i laughed about how my blog is called my spot but i talk so much about little guy. i'm not sure that last time i said anything about just me though.

so what's new with me.....i read for the first time.....To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and loved it. i never had to read this in school and i just never did but i really wanted to and my hubby bought it for me for Christmas (i love getting books for Christmas) and i finally got to reading it and really enjoyed it. when my parents were here i got a good bit of reading done. i read two books that my mom brought me to read. both books were by Richard Paul Evans and they were The Looking Glass and The Carousel. i really liked both of them. then once she left i finished a book that i started to read a while ago by Dee Henderson Before I Wake. and i think i remember my friend amber saying that it was disappointing. and i was to me too. it just ended. no couples forming, no person convicted, it just ended. i'm hoping the a sequel will be a redeeming factor but as of now i wasn't thrilled with it. once i finished that book i was bookless. then i remember having a book on my shelf that i read years ago and just loved. it's by Lori Wick and it's called The Princess. i needed something to read so i decided to read it again and i'm so glad that i did because i just loved it. there are a couple of books that i really want to read. some i am waiting on the library to have available and then one that i wish the library had but they don't. that one is... Twilight by Stephanie Meyers and then there is, The Shack, The Choice and Sunday's at Tiffany's. all of these i need to go check if the library has so that i can get to read again. i love reading.

in other hubby is waiting to hear back if he's got a new job, i am going to visit with my parents and grandparents in september, we are hoping to go to the beach in september, and my hubby and i are going to new york for a long weekend in october. i am super excited about that. my mom will come and stay with little guy.

we all had a virus this weekend that i am super glad if over. but we were able to watch a movie National Treasure 2 and it was really good. this week is back to a normal week of me working three days a week. and that's about it with us. just living life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Little Boy

here you are, my sweet baby boy on the day that you were born. you were so tiny and sweet. i will never forget your face. those eyes that looked into mine and the smile that you gave me when i finally met you.
now here you are so big and independent, a year later. it went way to fast. i love that you are growing up. that's what is suppose to happen. thank you for still letting me feed you your bottle and for still being so snugly.

i love the big boy in you but am grateful for the sweet baby that comes out every now and then. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE GUY. your life has blessed me immensely.

Monday, July 14, 2008


he loves to read. i love it too. it's great!

daddy and little guy reading

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Our 4th of July

here we are watching the fireworks at bridgestreet. it was little guys first time to see fire works. we had him in his stroller at first and he wasn't really sure what to think about the colors and noises. i could see him getting scared so i picked him up and he sat on my lap the rest of the time and enjoyed them. my niece made her way into my hubby's lap and my nephew sat in his daddy's lap. we had a really good time.

this is my firework pics from 2 years ago. and this one is another one of my fave's. it was the first time that i ever tried to take pics of fireworks and it was so strange to me but i love it.
IN OTHER NEWS: little guy's two front teeth (E&F) have finally come through the gums. they have been hanging out up in his gums for forever. he finally worked them through and we are so thrilled.