Monday, July 24, 2017

Fishing.......enjoying slow

This boy is pure awesome-ness.
Last summer he missed his week with Honey and Bear and i think we were all sad about it.
This year we were certain to make a point of having him have a week at the Lake House.
It is one of his favorite places.
I love that he is getting this one on one time with my parents and that he has such a love for fishing.

when we left the lake yesterday he was out there fishing. we didn't think we would be able to get him in the house to say bye to him. we went out to hug and say bye to him and then let him go back to fishing.
my mom texted me last night and said that he didn't even want to come in for dinner, he wanted to eat on the dock and keep fishing.

this morning i got these pictures from her and she said here he goes.......

and he's off.......

i told her that i really think that he needed this.
he needed the down time to be able to relax and think and be still and quiet and just to enjoy the slowness of life. i am thankful for my parents and the time that they are getting spend with him. i know they will all be blessed by their time together and i am praying that Golden boy get the much needed rest for his body and soul before the craziness of school and schedules start.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 15....of our BIG trip (the long drive home)

so far the longest we had ever driven in a day was a little over 6 hours. 
this day it was FOR-E.V.E.R
oh my goodness. there was one point that my hubby looked over at me and said.....we would just about be in Disney World now, as long as we have driven.

we were all tired and ready to be home and after thinking through all the options, it was just better to drive the whole day and get home instead of stopping half way.

we did make a lot of stops but it was quick ones, reminded the kids that if we kept pushing on we would get home tonight and be able to sleep in our own beds and wake up in our house and play with our toys.

it kept them going but we were all spent by the time we walked through the doors. tears and exhaustion and we crashed hard.

i posted this  the night we got home.
there was a moment, driving through our state that was just dreamy.
the light 
the colors
the mist
it was dreamy and perfect
a little welcome home after so many days of being gone.

here it is all packed up
loads and loads of dirty laundry even thought i did laundry one day on the trip.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 14.......of our BIG trip

The place we stayed was an efficiency 
So we had a small kitchen
After eating out so much it was nice to get eggs and cinnamon rolls from the grocery store and cook instead.

That is what we did for breakfast.

After breakfast we packed to to go play in the pool and at the beach.

By my side most of the time.
I love my little side kick. I sometimes forget how much I am being watched.

Looking for shells again 

Floating in the lazy river

My little side kick again. She was helping me making spaghetti 

After lunch we took the kids to this obctical water course.

The loved it. Their version of a ninja worrier course

For lunch we went to a fish house called the flyin fish.  We ordered sword fish and tile fish.  There is Golden boy trying the sword fish and liking it.

A sunset walk on the beach rounded up the trip and the day.

Tomorrow we head home.

Steps 3,230

Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 13......of our BIG trip

We left Williamsburg and took our longest drive of the trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where ten toes touched the Atlantic for the very first time.

Girl did handstands and cartwheels on the beach

Bou looked for seashells

And we watched beach grass sway in the wind.

Steps 6,658

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 12.....of our BIG trip

Busch Gardens

our gondola awaits

a ride in the sky, across the park. it was way to hot to walk
we had a great view of the park and apparently Golden boy was checking out the coasters we passed

this was little girls favorite ride. she rode it three times

steps 9,924

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The BIG 10!

TEN years ago today you took your first breath. it was a difficult one, one that would keep you on a ventilator for week but it was our first breath.
and when I looked at you for the first time, you took my breath away.

I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy.

you are wild and strong and funny and passionate and more type A than I would have ever imagined, you are creative and stubborn and so very full of adventure.

I love everything about you.

Happy Birthday Sweet boy.

Day 11.....of our BIG trip (after lunch)

The second part of our Williamsburg trip.

A quaint little street

Tools in the book makers shop

Letter press board at the printing press

Book in the post office gift shop.
Um, yes please. Blind date with a book. Sounds interesting.

We found our way into the cooks place and he mentioned that anyone who was 21 or under at the time would be working for him. He sent all who were 21 and under around back to the wood pile to grab three pieces of wood each.

The blacksmith

At the Capitol

The Wythe House probably one of our favorites (aside from the capitol)

And carpenter was the kids favorite and probably mine too. It smelled so good in there.

And inside the house there was an area to create your own garden. Little Girl got busy creating.

Once we left Williamsburg we took the kids swimming and then headed to Busch gardens for dinner and the evening. 

This was in one of the bathrooms. She said, mommy I need to show you how to use these sinks. The water came out of the tube coming at you and the you run your hands under the side bars to dry them.

The boys riding the locheness monster ride 

Steps 21,502

Friday, July 14, 2017

Last night.....

....of being a 9 year old
I remember 10 so it is strange to think that I will have a 10 year old. The years are flying by. Slow down my boy.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Home Sweet Home

After 15 Days gone we made it home.
We were driving into Alabama at sunset/dusk time and it was just magical. Seriously beautiful.  Misty, green, pink, blue white just amazing.
Like God was welcoming us home.
It made me miss sweet home Alabama and the beauty here.

I will work on finishing up day 11 and post about the last 4 days sometime this week.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 11.......of our BIG trip (till lunch time)

So the day started with breakfast for me and little girl at Starbucks. It was her first realnstarbucks experience. I mentioned on my Instagram post, that I wasn't sure if this made me a good mom or a bad one?

Notice the caption: She added that today.

We got up and got breakfast because we were headed to Colonial Williamsburg.

We got off at the first bus stop and headed to the Governors Palace and gardens.

The amount of weapons in and displayed in the house. Astouding. 

This was one of the daughters room. I loved how They were called Lady Virgina. I asked little girl if she would like to be called Lady and she giggled.

We were surprised to find out that the embroidered thing laying on the bed next to the hat is actually a pocket.

Since we have one of our own in our house we were impressed with this one. Very modern for the time apparently.

The gardens 

The courthouse 

Favorite spot in the court house 

Another of little girls creations. He willingly went in the stocks for a picture but she added the caption. 
Love it.

We attended the firing of the noon gun (cannon)

And then went to lunch at a local tavern that was recommended two us.

I have more from the rest of the day that I will post later.  It was alot for one post.