Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sew Darling

sometime last year I met (well not officially met but social media met) Ashley Whetman on instagram
she makes the precious cloth dolls and I just knew that at some point I would be purchasing one.
this little darling was the first one that I ordered.
she was a gift.
I told Ashley that I wanted something pink and the braid and the hair and eye color. this is the picture that she sent me when she was all done. I thought she was perfect. it was difficult to part with her but I did.
I have a sweet friend that is pregnant with her child. she has two girls and baby #3 is a girl as well. I knew that I wanted to get her one of Ashley's dolls. this time I looked in her shop and she had these precious Darling little. they are the perfect first doll for a new baby girl. I purchased her pink one because my friend is crazy about pink. also her girls have light hair and blue eyes, here's to hoping that baby #3 does as well. I just love the darling little Ashley. oh! and there are small jingle bells inside for a sweet jingle sound. 

tiny feet
ribbons for baby to feel
thank you so much Ashley for your beautiful dolls. Check out Ashley's Etsy shop here
she is so very talented and makes such cute dolls
my sister was just telling me that she thought that she was going to have to buy her youngest son a doll for him to push around in the grocery cart and because he loves babies so much
I think that I may have to get Ashley to make one like this for my nephew for Christmas

Adventure 35

Adventures in baby showers
this was such a fun baby shower for my friend Julie
I love how friends come together in this awesome kind of togertherness to honor another person.
my friend Julie is having baby #3
Baby #3 is baby girl #3 for them. Julie is ALL pink and girliness. It couldn't be more prefect for God to have blessed her with three girls.
Here is her baby shower for Baby Girl #2 we threw her a Sprinkle
We had a fun group of girls to throw her an essential's shower. cards......the essentials.
Julie is doing Logan's room in a Beatrix Potter theme so we went with that theme for her shower.
Here are some of the ideas that were pinned when we where thinking through shower ideas.
Our friend Jessica said that she would love to have it at her house and she pulled out all the pretties for this shower. it was so elegant and fun with china and tea and glasses.
all of the hostesses were so great to contribute in one way or another to the shower.
our friend Kelly made this beautiful banner with the baby's name on it.
cute little pots and books were displayed for decoration.
Jessica set out her tea set and made a fruit tea that was delicious
the food table was just lovely
Melissa made these delicious chocolate cupcakes in tiny mason jars topped with strawberries that looked like carrots. (i wish i had gotten a better picture of the strawberries)
they used clay pots, that Lindsay brought, as cake plates for items on the food table

Melissa also made these precious cake balls that looked like little bunny tails. she did such an amazing job.
 Napkins that Jessica found, I don't know where, but she has her ways of making every occasion so beautiful and special
we had a ton of ideas for sweets but wanted to come up with something salty (there were carrot and ranch or course) then I remembered that Julie makes a yummy onion soufflé that she also enjoys and asked her for the recipe for the shower
the drink station with water, sweet tea and a beautiful and delicious punch that Lindsay made
 cute little Beatrix Potter bunting banner
I saw on pinterest where you set out a book for the guests to sigh. I had this Beatrix Potter book that was tucked away in my son's closet. I don't think we had every used it so I brought it for the guest to sing so that Julie would always know who was there to celebrate with her.
I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of the two games that Blakeley printed out for us to do. one was for us to write a note to baby Logan with prompts about how long we have known her momma and wishes or blessing for her, and things that are fun about her family. it was so sweet and cute. she bound them and sent them home with Julie to read. the other was a baby shower version of scatagories. it was such a cute little thing to do and I really appreciated that she took that on. she also made these two pots for decor and the basket in the center of them were party favors that Jessica found for the guests. they were tiny glass bunnies that were candle holders.

this is the gift from the other hostess, Kelly, that was not able to make it to the shower. she gives pretty great gifts. I think she nailed it with this one. we missed you Kelly.

These Ladies were do wonderful and I am so happy that I was able to work with them to celebrate Julie and Baby Logan Kathryn

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Adventure 34

adventures in allergy testing.
this has been the summer or rashes for me. it has not been fun but after my latest rash battle which turned out to be poison ivy (all over my body)
I decide to get an appointment with an allergist
they pricked my arms 45 times (then another prick of the control which was an histamine, because the first one did nothing)
then after that they did five more sticks to test for an allergy to cephalosporin's (which we thought was what I was allergic to after breaking out in a rash after both of my C-sections)
here is my arm of environmental tests.....I am allergic to grass (I was very upset by this, as I like to cut the grass sometimes, and haven't been able to in the last few weeks because I have been dealing with all of these rashes and such) then dust mites and rag-weed.
the nurse did assure me that I could still cut grass as long as I wore a mask (I hate wearing a mask but I guess I will now, and took a shower right after (always do) and then did a saline spray)
this is my food allergy arm after a day or so.
thank goodness I have no food allergy.
I told the nurse that I was thrilled to hear no food allergies, that would be difficult news (I really enjoy food)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Adventure 33

i never knew that baby teeth could be so emotional
Golden Boy's tooth #N has been loose for weeks.
i got this picture of him last week, anticipating that the tooth would just fall out one day. he was struggling with the idea of me pulling it, even though it was so ready and he had let me try a few times and i have pulled most of his other teeth.

this would be his 5th baby tooth to come out
5 FIVE 5! tiny teeth that are not in his body anymore and are being replaced by these big adult ones. i don't like these adult teeth that are taking over my tiny boy's body.

so earlier this week he was ready
it was ready (i mean it had been ready for weeks now)
but he gave the go and he let me pull it
he is so cute and tiny

Monday, August 10, 2015

Adventure 32

Adventure in my last full day with my girl before she started Kindergarten
i can't believe that we are here. it feels like she was just born and she is now in kindergarten.
she started with some tablet time while i got a shower

some twirling in the kitchen

we went shopping for a paint pen to decorate her school bag with and she found these cute glasses and struck a pose and said mommy take my picture
from there we went to target for icees

coke for me.......yum yum.....she had a mixture of blue raspberry and pink lemonade

and a cookie of course

we went to hobby lobby and she saw this pretty dress and wanted a picture

after we had lunch we called granny and asked her if she wanted to go with us to get steel city pops with us
granny got lime, little girl got chocolate

and i had the blueberry basil

adventure 24 was about steel city pops and all of the flavors that i wanted to try. check out the updated list 

Friday, August 07, 2015

Canoe Trip

A few weeks ago we had some friends mention that they were taking their boys on a canoe trip and wanted to see if anyone was interested in going. we had never taken our kids canoeing before (and we had both canoed as kids) so we decided to do it.
here we are going down one of the rapids.

I have to say that it took be a bit to get comfortable with the fact that we may indeed flip over but that we would be fine if we did.
here is am with one of the JCrew boys watching their mommy and daddy do one of the bigger rapids. he was so cute and kept saying "you can do it mommy and daddy" and then when they made it through, "mommy and daddy didn't flip!"
Here they are as they are about to go through the rapid (picking up some speed)
here they are going right into it. every boat had to be bailed after going through this rapid.
the four older kids
the W's. they wanted to do a little hot tubbin'
(the water was so  not hot, but it was a perfect day and felt wonderful)
our whole group
it was so much fun
we stopped at this spot to eat lunch and some of the kids went for a dunk and jumped and they climbed rocks.
The G's
Thank you "W" family for remember to bring a camera and capturing such great pictures. it was such a fun day.