Monday, August 10, 2015

Adventure 32

Adventure in my last full day with my girl before she started Kindergarten
i can't believe that we are here. it feels like she was just born and she is now in kindergarten.
she started with some tablet time while i got a shower

some twirling in the kitchen

we went shopping for a paint pen to decorate her school bag with and she found these cute glasses and struck a pose and said mommy take my picture
from there we went to target for icees

coke for me.......yum yum.....she had a mixture of blue raspberry and pink lemonade

and a cookie of course

we went to hobby lobby and she saw this pretty dress and wanted a picture

after we had lunch we called granny and asked her if she wanted to go with us to get steel city pops with us
granny got lime, little girl got chocolate

and i had the blueberry basil

adventure 24 was about steel city pops and all of the flavors that i wanted to try. check out the updated list 

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