Thursday, October 13, 2016


My kids love to decorate for any holiday.
It is so sweet.
They will make banners and decor out of any type of paper they can find.
A few years ago we decorated the front door to look like a monster.
This year I was going to do that same thing but after needing and new scare crow, my husband and son came home with a door hanging sign as well as a scare crow.
I've had this pin pinned for a few years now but have never done it before.
when they came home with the sign for the door i knew i needed to do the bats to add to the brick on the front porch
I came across this pin yesterday and there was a template on how to make the bats.
I printed out the template and went home to cut out bats.
We hung the ones outside and had more to put some inside as well. 
i loved that there was a bat on the sign for the door too.

glad to add some Halloween decor around the house and do something simple to make the kids happy.

Our new scare crow doesn't look to bad either. 
Hopefully it can last as long as our last one.