Thursday, October 26, 2017


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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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Sunday, October 15, 2017


i am reading a book right now called Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist (you can download a sample chapter of the book at her website here.)

I have really enjoyed it, even though i am still early on in the book. 
these last few years i have been devouring non-fiction books, which are usually not my favorite kind of books.

the chapter that i am currently on in the book is called twenty-five. i was't sure what to expect when i started this chapter. what did twenty-five mean. Age, was not what i was thinking when diving into twenty-five.

i started thinking back to twenty-five.
i was married
no kids yet
living thousands of miles away from anything familiar
becoming familiar with new places
meeting new people
having adventures i could have never imagined
it my have been the poorest time in our life
but a time that changed and shaped and grew us the most

her chapter about what twenty-five is different and somewhat the same from my twenty-fifth chapter in life.
i was married young so there was no decision to be made about a relationship that my be good or bad for me.
i worked to pay the bills
i didn't have a season of space from going to church, in fact we jumped into finding a new church when we moved to WA state and we fell in love with the church and the people who attended that church. There was much community there.

Twenty-five was great. But over ten years is the now. There is lots we have learned from twenty-five. Lots that is better  because of twenty-five. Equally lots that we miss from being twenty-five. Surprisingly the no kids is not one of them. They have made life interesting and added to an adventure like no other.

Monday, October 09, 2017


When we left for Honey and Bears lake house Golden boy had one thing in mind, "i wanna go fishing," he said.
Saturday was supposed to be for fishing but after driving the boat to the beach area and and finding mounds of sand to play on with cousins, fishing got forgotten about.  

Sunday morning came around and he wanted to go and fish.  It was raining sons but that didn't keep him from going out and trying.  Bear even took him to a special fishing spot. 

Them came back with nothing but golden boy continued to fish from the dock. 

Soon he was calling us out as he reeled in this 3 pounder, thinking it was the biggest fish he caught at the lake so far. 

Not long after that he caught a small perch and threw it in the ice chest.

But it was a little bit later that he was yelling and calling for us. 

He wrestled this 11 pound fish in and was thrilled.

His laughter was contagious and his joy infectious.  
We loved standing and cheering for him. E encouraged him, making a fisherman out of him. 

I am so proud of the patience and determination he had. It pays off my dear boy, it surely does.