Monday, July 31, 2006

Three Things Thursday on Tuesday

we're going out of town for TTT and i won't have access to a computer so i decided to post a TTT on Tuesday. it being the first thursday/tuesday of the month the topic was three summer memories.

this summer has been amazingly memorable....

1. my hubby and i (as you may know from previous post) were able to go to Fiji on a missions trip with my office. it was a great time of service and giving and to learn about a new culture and to meet new people and to just really appreciate what you have.

2. we said farewell to some of our best friends every. we moved away from the pacific northwest and back to the south where we were born and raised and saying goodbye to the amazing friends that we made there was extremely difficult. God truly blessed is in the time that we spent there with the education that my husband got, with the church that we attended and with the life long friends that we made. i am forever changed for the chapter in our life that we had there and will forever remember, keep in touch and hold dear the people that we met and the lives that touched us so richly.

3. on our departure of the northwest back to the south we were able to see some of the most beautiful parts of the untied states. we were blessed in having that opportunity. we drove through some of Montana, spent time in Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Teetons, drove though the Shoesho National forrest, the Big Horn Mountains, visited Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands. it was a great trip and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Three Things Thursday

1. when i was a northwestener (i have no clue if this is a word or if the spelling is even correct) thursdays at work was my go in late day and get off late day. we went in at 9:30am and got off at 8:00pm.

2. now that i'm a southener (same for this word too) thursdays are early days for me. i go in at 6:45am and get off at 3:00pm. this makes for a sleepy morning for me and a lot of adjusting and getting use to.

3. what i love about thursdays now is that they are my fridays because i now don't work on fridays. hooray! life is good! :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the joys of being an aunt

my nephew is 16 months

he's got cute chubby cheeks

big blue eyes

and a bald head

i love to....

listen to him ramble


get excited about something

dance (which is my favorite)

and be sweet which is a variety of hugs, kisses, or just sitting in your lap and letting you hold him

when he's sweet he's sweet and it makes me want to have a baby of my own

one day.......hopefully soon

until then i will soak up all the love i can from j

Monday, July 24, 2006


i love when i am reminded of the things, places, or people that i love. today after a long but good day of work i am driving home and right as i turn on the main road that brings me home i find myself at a stop light behind a beautiful blue toyota tacoma that has a Washington state license plate and the last name of some friends of mine. i just sat there and smiled at the awesomeness of it all. :) hope you had a memorable day.

Friday, July 21, 2006


  • M. Night Shyamalan
  • has done it again. my hubby and i went to see
  • Lady in the Water
  • today and it was great. in case you may not know it's a children's story that he wrote for his kids. the title of the book is
  • Lady in the Water a bedtime story
  • so now i have to go and get the book since i love books and especially children's books. but the movie was fantastic. i really enjoyed it. it isn't like the other movies that he's done but still amazing.

    my husband and i saw the very first preview for the movie when we were visiting his parents over Christmas last year. we went to see Narnia and there was a preview for the movie. i don't care to much for scary movies so the first preview i saw of it i looked at my hubby and said, "i don't think i will be seeing that movie," and he was shaking his head no like me neither. then after the preview was over the screen went black and it said M. Night Shyamalan. we looked at each other with wide eyes and i said, "never mind." that's gotta tell you something about his movies when you see his name and you immediately want to see the movie. after seeing the movie today my hubby said he's got to be working on something else that's coming out soon. we're ready for the next one.

    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    Three Things Thursday

    1. we just moved to the hot south but my heart is so much still in the northwest that i think that that is where i will keep where i live on my profile. (at least for right now because there has been to much change in my life i'm not ready to let go.)

    2. i got a job. Praise Jesus! because i was worried.

    3. my nephew is one of the cutest babies in the world. unfortunatelly i didn't hear this but my mother-in-law and my hubby said that he said my name the other day. that makes me happy because i thought that he didn't like me. :)

    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    Three Things Thursday...

    three things that we saw on our road trip...

    1. we went to Yellowstone National Park and it was my first time there. it was so beautiful. the waterfalls, the geysers, the trees, the animals. all amazing.

    2. we also went to to Grand Tetons and that was one of my favorites. they are so huge and majestic. a lot of people were telling us that they look like the swiss alps. now i've never been there but from pictures that i've seen i have to say that they so have a resemblance.

    3. Mt. Rushmore. this was the first time that i have ever seen it in person and while amazing to behold the fact that someone carved that it wasn't nearly as big as we thought that it would be but still a sight to see.

    more from the trip later. until then.................

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    See How Many...

    i got this from my friend Crystal's blog and thought that it would be fun considering we just moved almost all the way across the US. if you looked at
  • Crystal's
  • map she yearns to visit the Pacific Northwest. me, i'm wanting to see the New England States. One Day!

    create your own visited states map
    or check out these Google Hacks.

    Where to Start

    so it's been quite a while since i was able to really post something. i guess i should start off with Fiji. we had an amazing life changing time there. in case you may not know i went with my boss (a dentist) and we were going with some dental students to do some dental work at some of the villages in Fiji. here is my summary of the trip. there are alot of things that i left out but i had to or this post would be super long.

    we left the US on june 13th and after a 10 hour plane ride we arrived in Fiji. the plane trip was pretty cool too. it was the biggest plane that i have ever been on. it was a boeing 747-700 (i think) and it had 3 seats on each side and 4 in the middle. not only that but it had a upper deck that had 2 rows of three seats. i have to say that i was definatelly amazed.

    so we arrive in Nadi, Fiji on june 15th. june 14th must have been lost over the pacific ocean some where. from there we had to go in shifts on some smaller planes to the city of Savu Savu on the 2nd biggest island. i think that there was three trips that were made. we were on the second one so we waited and looked around the city of Savu Savu. once everyone was there we all got on a bus for a 2 hour bus trip to the bay (Buca Bay) that we were staying at. the bus trip was fun because of all that we were able to see but we were definatelly tired after it. luckily when we got there all we had to do was get settled and have dinner.

    june 16th started with many questions. we woke up early for a 6:00 breakfast and then met in the chapel for a short worship and to discuss how the day was going to work out. i have to say that it went okay for a group of people that had never really worked together before. i went into the clinic and started to get the dental instruments ready that i thought would be need and orgnaizing all of that and the sterilization process. eventually the students got organized and were on a roll helping people and getting them out of pain. the day went pretty well for the first day and we at least knew what to expect for the next couple of days.

    june 17th was Sabbath. the school that we went with was a Seventh Day Adventist school and the village was also so we had our usual early morning breakfast and then went to chapel. chapel was great because we were able to hear some of the children sing and i think that by far that was almost all of our favorite things. we all loved to listen to them singing.
    after that they planned to take us to another island so that we could go snorkeling. the boat ride was great to be able to see the surrounding islands and to snorkle was fun too. after a while there we went to the village of Kioa where we were able to purchase some handicraft from the people there and then they put on tribal dance and singing for us. it was so much fun to see them and how excited and happy they all were. while we were there is got dark so the boat ride was in the dark which normally would be fine accept there are not lights on the boat they just use a flashlight to let other boats know where they are and then it strated to rain on top of that and then the boat ran out of gas on top of that. luckily they prepared for the gas running out and we were quickly on our way again. we couldn't complain to much though because we were in the middle of the south pacific, riding in a boat, under the briliant stars.

    june 18th today was another day of working and this day went a lot better than the first. some of the students were more confidant in what they were doing and the front desk team had a great system on intake.

    june 19th -21st was much the same and half of our team went to another island for these three days to work there. over all we saw over 800 dental patients and there was a medical team there as well and i think that they saw over 400 medical patients. God truely blessed us and the ministry there.

    june 22nd was another fun day. we took a ferry to the island of Tavauni and we went to a waterfall and then we went to some rock slides. it was such a beautiful lush island.

    june 23rd and 24th were a little more laid back. we did see a couple of patients but on the 23rd we took another boat ride out to do some snorkeling and on the 24th we went to the village of Nawi and hung out on the beach, bought a fish to cook that night, played with the children, and took in a rugby game, Nawi vs. Kioa. that evening the ladies that cooked all of our meals for us also had a going away party for all of us where they gave us Sulu's which is a sorong and sang this really pretty Fijian song about leaving. there were hugs and laughs and tears. i don't know how someone can experiance something like that trip and not come out changed and appreciative of and for it.

    Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    On the Move

    Fiji was amazing. i will try and post pictures when we get moved and settled. yes we are on the move back to the south. we are staying with friends right now and it's so good to see them. this is going to be short but i wanted to let everyone out there know that i'm still here in the blogging relm. we should arrive around the 10th of this month so i will try to start posting around then. keep us in your your prayers as we are traveling. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!