Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i'll be gone for the next couple of days for thanksgiving and there will be no computer around to blog on so i am saying my "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to all my blogging friends now.
eat lots
enjoy family and friends
and be thankful for family, friends, love, life and salvation.
just a few things that i am thankful for.
the list can go on but i won't you get the picture.
have a wonderful day.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I’m just going to do what I want now, and let the chips fall where they may. ~Edward Cullen

so i saw the movie on saturday with my sis.
i really liked it but there were things that i thought that they left out.
i loved the blood type chapter in the book and was hoping to see that.
my sis wanted to see the part from the book where edward gets really close to bella trying to calm her down when she's freaking out about having to be thrown on his back again to go trekking through the woods.
i was hoping the scene in the restaurant would have been a little better.
love the scene where he saves her from the guys in the alley.
and i loved how there was alot of the same dialogue in the movie as was in the book.
oh and love the baseball scene.
on the characters:
edward - perfect, although the first time he spoke i was a little taken back then it got better
bella - great
alice - loved, but loved her in the books too
rosalie - the first time i saw her as being cast as rose i thought no but she was prefect
emmet - i was picturing bigger
jasper - loved his looks
carlise - again like rosalie i wasn't sure until he walked through the doors of the hospital. just maybe to much powder but loved him
victoria - beautiful and perfect for the roll
laurent - loved. those red eyes where creepy but great
james - good for the roll but now was goo goo over as the cullens

*oh and the quote in the subject line came from the book. i don't think that it was in the movie but there were plenty quotes from the movie that i loved.


these are for cheryl. i look terrible in them but it was fun to jump on the bed with little guy during his first hotel stay.

Rock City

they are so strong

i love this face

to sweet

the fam

my guys



so here's my little guy.

he was a biker baby for halloween.
hence the MOM written on his cheek.
it was to hot for the jacket and he didn't like the do-rag that we had for his head.

he did like the lollypops that he kept getting though.

my neice was a bear.
she didn't want her hood on her costume.

my nephew the pirate.
he didn't want to wear his eye patch or hat.
what is up with these kids and hats.

Pumpkin Carving

yes i'm a little late posting these but we did carve our pumpkin before halloween.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


that's all i have to say!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


i don't have gas but i saw gas today on the way to work the cheapest i've ever seen it here.
it was $2.05
not as low as some states like where care-in lives.
but still good. :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Picture this...

i've waited all day to vote.
my hubs picks me up from work and we head straight for the voting polls.
there wasn't much of a line so that was good.
when i get to the front i hand the lady my license.
she finds my name and stops.
there are the letters ABS next to my name.
she tells me that it's showing i've already absentee votes.
of course i haven't.
she's looking at me like well i don't really know what to do and i'm so upset, because remember i've wanted to vote all day.
i get tunnel vision, it's like i don't see anyone else around me and i literally stomp my foot and say "but i've waited all day to vote."
like she's just going to hand me a ballot and let me vote because of my 2 year old, toddler, temper.
i can't help but laugh at myself looking back at it.
that is why i chose to share it here.
the things we do.
my hubs tells me later that he thought i was going to cry.

basically what happened was i had to provisional vote.
it would nave counted if the votes were really close.
like a couple % margin and then they would have counted the provisional.
oh and i didn't even get my i voted sticker.
what an experience.