Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bathroom Reno

Over spring break, my hubby and son were on a missions trip, my sons first missions trip, and my daughter and i woke up on Sunday morning March 17th to a very cold house. We called the AC guy and he came out to let us know that i would be something that he could fix but that he also saw some mold under the house where a bathroom may be. he was pointing right to our master bathroom. 

i showed him the master bathroom and he said that where the shower was, was the location that he noticed mold and moisture. 

I wanted to get a bunch of before picture so that we could remember what the bathroom looked like before the haul of replacing everything, which after getting water mitigators out and a contractor out is what is going to happen

The bathroom is very small and there really is no way to build it out, without taking away someone closet (mine) or busting into someones room (my sons)

it also has way to much stuff in it for being such a small bathroom. something we plan on rectifying once we get it all fixed

looking at getting a new mirror for over the sink, we are just resetting the existing pedestal sink. also hoping to get a new light fixture for over the mirror and a new faucet for the existing sink.

the space to the left of the door (actually in our bedroom) is going to be a tall, skinny tower from ikea (anyone want to take a trip to Atlanta with me for some shopping) with a mirror on the front of it.

The door to the bathroom will be a sliding barn door which we have dreamed about for a few years.

The tile we chose years ago was travertine for the floor because we loved the look of it. NEVER AGAIN. it is a nightmare to clean and can't be sealed for fear of being extremely slippery.

the water mitigation group came out and demoed the floor they fell through the sub-flooring from being rotten and found rotted beams, one of them actually mobile.

it as been covered with plastic since March 28th. 

We meet with the contractor on April 30th to sign the papers and get the ball rolling on this.

I have a variety of things and ideas in my head for this new bathroom. here are some details we are considering and some tile we considered.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The Next Right Thing

Today is the day. If you missed out on pre-ordering Emily P Freeman's latest book, The Next Right Thing, today is the day that it is available to purchase. 
Launch Day. 
I can't imagine how excited she is for this day to be here. I have followed Emily for a while on Instagram and read all of her books. Grace for the Good Girl was the first book of hers, that I read and started following her after that because as i was reading it, it was like she was in my head. I could have said those very same words sometimes. Since Grace for the Good Girl, she has written 3 more books and her latest, The Next Right Thing is named after her Podcast that you can tune into every Tuesday. I am not 100% caught up on her podcasts but have enjoyed every single one that i have listened too. 

Congratulation Emily.
Your book is stellar.

Are you struggling with decision fatigue? Would you like help taking the next right step for really any decision you may be facing? Consider purchasing Emily's book.  Her wise words, analogies and endearing stories will help guide you on what that next thing may be.