Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something for the Wall

ever since i saw this on pinterest i have wanted to hang one up in our room for my jewelry. my dad got it for me but it took forever before i put it up. my husband thought that i was crazy when he saw me take it from my dad and put it in our van. he said, what is that for? when i explained he thought i was nuts. i hung it up one day when he wasn't home and after seeing it he rather liked it.  i knew he would see it my way.  ;)
so here is my version of it. i had to wrap the handle because there was this ugly black electrical take on it. the frame next to it is from hobby lobby and what is inside the frame is a card that i bought from Katie Daisy's shop The Wheat Field

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


410. my husband brought me flowers today. orange/peach/salmon roses.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


405. getting to hold my nephew for the first time

406. being able to help my little sister as much as possible

407. just being there with her and my parents

408. my rock star sister who is dressed and walking the halls less than 24 hours after her c-section. she amazes me.

409. seeing my baby sister cuddled up with her new baby sleeping

Friday, August 10, 2012


397. for my father in law who let me borrow his car to go to birmingham to see my little sister have her baby

398. for my mother in law who kept the kids for me

399. for my husband who let me go

400. that God worked it out that her water broke early on Friday morning (4am) so that i could be there

401. that i could be there

402. for my brother in law who was ok with me being in the room. strong and solid by my sisters side the whole time, very stoic and supportive

403. for my sister who was so tough and pushed for 2-2 1/2 hours

404. that Baby Wyatt Hayes came into this world safely at 10:08pm weighing 8lbs 1oz, via c-section but healthy and beautiful

Friday, August 03, 2012

Kids Bathroom Redo

 so i am terrible about getting before pictures and of course during ones as well. here are my after ones and they aren't even the after after ones because there is still some more stuff that needs to be done.

when we moved into our house 6 years ago the hall bathroom was a disaster. it was the old 60s style yellow tile (different shade of yellow on walls than on the floor) but it was just to much to redo (like taking the tile out) and really the tile was in pretty good shape. the wall paper on the other hand was terrible. my dad so kindly removed it one weekend when they were visiting us.  it stayed that way till just recently, just plain white walls.

we had a sail boat shower curtain from our previous apartment that we used and it worked fine. our first born came along and the sail boats stayed. then our second child came and she just turned 2 in June. it was right before her birthday that we (i mean i) started to work on the new creation of a bathroom. i have to give the hubs credit though because he is the one that came up with the idea to do a mickey mouse themed bathroom. 

it was a perfect idea and theme because it utilized the yellow tile without us having to change it.  he found that walmart had the shower curtian, rug(not the one pictured) and trash can. there was the counter stuff too (tooth brush and soap containers but our counter top is small and i didn't want all that)

once he let me know mickey my mind went to town. so as you can see there is one wall red with white polka dots on it (the dots are decals from If these walls could talk on etsy.) i wanted it to mimic minnie's dress (do you think that is what it looks like?) when on the main wall with the toilet and sink i got black circles to create mickey silhouettes all over the walls. decals from the same etsy shop.
 this is the wall above the toilet

 you may not be able to tell but the light fixture was a brass color and i painted it black. my hubs was not down with that. he was like no we are buying a new light fixture. i wanted to save some money so i said well i am painting it anyway and we shall see what happens. i won. the light fixture stays and it is black. besides i really like the light bulbs like they are on the fixture. a little retro. the joys of living in a 60s house.

 oh and for not wanting all the accessories on the counter tops my counter top is a mess. but like i said we aren't completely done with the bathroom. the towels came from target and kmart. thank you lesley and sarah.
 this bath rug came from target. my sister got it for an awesome deal. the one we got was just the black mickey head silhouette. i love that one too but it was being washed.  notice the cabinet. i painted it black and the hinges white and i really want to replace the knobs. they were not nice and i just shot them with spray paint but really want new ones. the counter top is an ugly marble brown that i have but my hubs thinks is fine now that the bathroom is done. i want a plain white one. we will get it once we save the money and the faucet fixtures that would go perfect with it all.
 see how well it all goes with the yellow tiles.  the tiles are actually a lot brighter yellow than they are showing up in the pictures. i still have to do something with the wall that the door is on and the light switch but not sure what. i think just a simple red sign that i found on etsy will be great but still mulling it over.

Thursday, August 02, 2012


396. getting to sleep in

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


394. e-reader books at the library. completely wonderful

395. a book so good that i finished it in three days