Friday, January 31, 2020

Books I'm Reading this Month

I have been using Goodreads for a few years now and i love it for helping me track what i am reading, keeping up with books i want to read and finding new books to read. They occasionally have book giveaways for books you've shelved and i will usually enter them. I recently won an e-book version of one that i had shelved which i didn't realize at first and quickly brought it to the top of my to read list. I am listing the books that i am actively reading right now. i have a lot that i have started and need to finish but only a few that i am currently working on.
The Last Romantics is the ebook that i won on Goodreads

38915870. sx318  my mom bought me this book and i have had it for a few months and decided to start reading it to my kids. this month. somedays they sit and listen others they struggle with arguing, i am hoping that they soak in most of the goodness of this read.

I knew this was a book that i was going to start on January 1st and then I saw Annie's Instagram post about posting about it with the hashtag #100daystobrave2020
It has been a good and fun one
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43723843. sx318  i have posted about this book before and this is the third time that i have read through it. It is so good and filled with so many wonderful truths and encouragement. The artwork is gorgeous. Just like Annie's challenge, Ruth has one going with this book on Instagram and the hashtag #bb32days we are

I read the first two in this series last year and have had this one for awhile now. A friend sent me Jessica Turner's post on her Book Snobbery Instagram page. She challenges us to Read Your Books. That is what I have been implementing into my 2020 reading. Out of the 7 that i have already read this year, you can find them here, 3 of them were my own and of the 6 i have in this post, 4 of them are my own and one borrowed and one a library book.

33413919and finally this one. this is what i am reading to my daughter. we just picked it up so it probably will not be finished until February, possibly March depending on how fast we can read it.

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