Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Look What I Made

i made this tutu for my niece. i love it so much. she doesn't like it so much. i also made another one for a friend of mine's little girl. she turned 2 a could of weeks ago and i made her a light purple one.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pre-Easter Pictures

all of these pics were taken the weekend before easter so that my parents could see him all dressed up. he wore the same thing for easter sunday minus the suspenders.

here he is driving uncle kevin's boat. at least he thinks he's driving it. ;)

Little Guy and Bear

Granny, Me and Little Guy

Easter Eggs

these pics were also taken a couple of weekends ago when we were visiting my parents. they had an egg hunt for little guy and he was not very interested.
we actually brought him the eggs so that he could open them and then eat the sixlett that was inside.

such is the life.

Little Guy and Honey


... he loved them!

The Escape

when we were in meredian a couple of weekends ago we spent a lot of time out on the back deck. well my little guy really wanted off but we would not let him. so here he is finding a small space the the thought he could fit through to get off. if he could have fit he would have had to figure out how to then get down from the 6 foot drop. it was so funny.

Silly Pictures of my Little Guy

i love all of these pics of him. they make me smile so big at how cute he is.