Friday, February 28, 2020

Things I've Learned this Winter

Linking up with Emily P Freeman for things i have learned this Winter. you can find my other posts through the the seasons here.

1. God things still amaze me.
His connections in life are just my favorite. On December 1st I started the She Reads Truth Advent study A Thrill of Hope. There was a reading called A liturgy to Mark the Start of the Christmas Season from Douglas McKelvey. I had no basis for where this was from. Some friends of ours invited us to attend the Andrews Peterson Behold the Lamb of God  20th anniversary tour. Not only did i hear a story that i have heard before on the That Sounds Fun podcast with Annie F Downs but i also recited with 100s of other people this Beautiful liturgy by Douglas McKelvey. I love how God connects the start and the end of the day with glimpsed of Him.

2. goals are good
resolutions are good
sometimes we make them and they bog us down
we can make them and keep them
i have also learned that they can be made and if they aren't kept, it is all ok
one of my 2019 goals was to read the Bible in the year. I came up 11 days short. Reading the Bible in a year is a good goal. some may even say a great one. i can choose to be disappointing that i didn't complete it, or brush it off, finish those 11 days and be thrilled that i completed reading the Bible, growing closer to God and learning new thing

3. watching archery is my new favorite.

4. making One Second Everyday videos, are my new favorite. 

5. finding things that my daughter writes is the best
I don't remember being an overly confidant child. I knew I was loved but was shy.
I am so thankful for our church and the lessons and truths that they instill in my child. I saw this and wasn't 100% sure when or where she did it. I asked her about it this morning and she said at church, last week. I asked her if they had a mirror to look into. She said yeah and that it was fun.
I just love this.

Books I read in December:
Noel Street-Richard Paul Evans

Books I read in January: 
Olive Kitteridge-Elizabeth Strout
Ramona's World-Beverly Clearly
The Most Fun We Ever Had-Clare Lombardo
The Noel Stranger-Richard Paul Evans
Child of Grace-Dr Chris Brown
Risen Motherhood-Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler
Mr Popper's Penguins-Richard Atwater and Florence Atwater
A Season of Grace-Lauraine Snelling

Books I read in February: 
Beholding and Becoming-Ruth Chou Simons
The Last Romantics-Tara Conklin
The Tattooist of Auschwitz-Heather Morris
The Dearly Beloved-Cara Wall

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Books I'm Reading this Month

As always you can find me on goodreads here
It is not the very end of the month but I don't forsee reading anything newer than this, this month...….
And for a list of books that I am still working through this month, here goes:

42201996 I heard about this one last year and it has been on my to read list. I went into the library to pick up another book that I had on hold and saw this one on the shelf, so of course I grabbed it.

36578942. sy475 this would be the book that i went to get on hold from the library. for some reason i started reading Ask Again, Yes first and now i have a week to read this one before it is due back to the library on March 1st. Lets see if i can do it.

44092370I was reacquainted with Andrew Peterson this December when I went to my very first Behold the Lamb tour. it was excellent. He spoke of this book on the tour and then I saw that it came out so of course I ordered it and have been slowly going through it in the evenings, sees appropriate, right?!?

46042907 I am blessed to be on the launch team for this book. What i have read so far has been wonderful. I can't wait to get the actual copy in my hands and go through this book with my family. There will be more on this book as i complete the e-version (for the launch team) and when the books hits the shelves. for now you can go to any place where books are sold or the link here to pre-order your copy.

there are some from last month that we are still working through, read alouds and devotions but these are the new ones that I am in the process of reading.