Wednesday, November 07, 2018


When I had this little one i never imagined the ups and downs that would come with parenting him. There is so much i love about him and there is so much that drives me crazy about him. (those things are probably the things that are just like me)
The downs can hit pretty hard
Sometimes in the heat to of the moments i just can't think
later i process it all and try to jot it down
the other morning i pulled him aside and let him know how i process things and that i wanted to read him something i wrote down:
God did not make you hearing impaired as a bad thing. You were created that way to do something great. It may be difficult now but you are one amazing little boy. You will be able to use your struggle with hearing to help people one day. We don't know how or what that will look like right now. It may not be today or tomorrow. Maybe it's in a month or a year or when you are all grown up but it will happen and when it does i hope you see God in that.