Sunday, February 28, 2021

Books Read in February

i really like this one
it was an interesting read and just light and fun

in keeping with my reading books each month that had the months name in it, i read February. It was just ok to me but i am glad i read it


Things I've Learned This Winter

Things I've learned this winter with Emily P Freeman

1. Turning 40 wasn't any different than turning 39 or the birthday's before, but getting to spend it with my family made it so much sweeter.

2. Art and beauty comes in all forms.
Beauty doesn't have to be found in far away places. We can find it right where we are.

3. Watching my oldest run has been a highlight of our winter. 
And then, after the season, we found out that he was the fastest 7th grader in the 400 meter race in the whole state. 
It was so exciting.

4. I keep looking to the skies.
There is beauty there.

5. I love watching these two tackle new things. They have never snowboarded or been on skis (well water, but not for long) it was rocky going at first but they ended wet and cold and saying that it was so much fun.

6. Caramel always....unless it comes to apples.
Now I still love a caramel apple but years ago I had a candy apple for the first time and oh my, I wondered what I had been missing all these years.

7. Snow days are the best.
We came from a mini vacation, where we had one day of snow, to home where we were iced in and then snowed in. it was a welcome break and recovery (even from a short vacation) 

8. For my 40th birthday my sister gave me a box filled with letters from people who have been part of my life through the years. (i cried of course) and have since read every single one of them. This photo came from my cousin, who passed away on February 18th. this is what I know: we shared photos of the odd temperatures where we lived, we laughed about food stuff, we talked about how awesome our grandparents are (and how much we love them and know they love us) and we looked to the sky. He was a force and a joy. I am thankful that he was family and that I know I will see him again.

9. Ending the month/season serving puts things in perspective and makes going into the next one so much better. it was joy to serve with our church and help to make jam with a mission partner that our church has.