Thursday, November 30, 2006

Three Things Thursday

home update.....

1. i know it's been a long time since i've update on how it's going with the house. even worse i know i still haven't posted any pictures. they are coming though. lets see....where to start. we've accomlished the task of taking the wallpaper in the kitchen down. the only problem is the people who put the wallpaper up put it up in some places over drywall/sheetrock so we actually tore some of it. there is still some of the wallpaper glue up on the walls and hopefully this weekend we are going to start sanding and pasting up the walls on the areas that we tore. i'm not sure i explained that all to well but that's the best i can do since i'm not a home builder or anything like that.

2. the other great thing is that my hubby's dad tore up all the carpet in the house. (it was really old) under the carpet in the living room, hallway, and three bedrooms there is hardwood floor. very cool. the only problem is that it's really beat up and stained. but we are hopefully going to have someone coming in (possibly tomorrow) and sand, repair and refinish the hard wood floors.

3. on friday my hubby and i are going to looks at some laminate flooring that is a really good price and possibly buy it for the kitchen and dining room. i'm really excited about this and the place where we are buying it from has a ton of different wood looks and one of the is mahogony and if we really like it then that may be the one that we buy.

i think that is all the house decissions that we have made right now. there are alot more to come so keep on reading.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

long day

bad day

bad cramps

grumpy mood

trying to get in a happy one

please pray

going to read my martha stewart mag now.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving update...

i so wish that i had some pictures to post of our thanksgiving day but i don't. in fact the worst day in all the year to feel sick is thanksgiving and both my hubby and i weren't feeling well that day. we had been anticipating thanksgiving for a while too. we were both fine in the morning but come afternoon we were both feeling nauseous. i was determined to eat some of the yummy feast. i was lucky though because not only did i eat some but i held it down. we went to sleep early that night only to sleep, rest and stay in the house the next couple of days. yesterday we actually go out for about 2+ hours. we are feeling better today.

we did get to spend some time with our of town family and it was really good to see them. it had been a while since we've seen them.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm here too...

i've just upgraded my blogger to the beta blogger too. i have to say that i was a little nervous. i wasn't sure how it would all transfer and all. i've had some problems with losing things to not being able to see my blog at times so i was a little apprehensive but i am now upgraded.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Three Things Thursday...


1. i'm thankful for my husband who loves me even when i act unloveable, who helps me to grow every day, who keeps me laughing, and who my life wouldn't be the same with out.

2. i'm thankful for my family.
my dad-for his constant love for us
my mom-for her listening ear and always being there for us
my sister-for being my sister because i couldn't imagine life without her
my grandparents-for their love and devotion to each other that has been a great example to us
my father in law-for constantly keeping us laughing
my mother in law-for her care
my brother in law-for the friend in him
my sister in law-for her helpfulness
my adorable nephew-for the fun and joy he beings in my life

3. i am thankful for my friends, old and new. for the love you've shown me, a listening ear, encouraging words, a warm hug, maybe a good kick in the pants if needed, a good chat, and a shared bond.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


i saw this on Cheryls Blog and thought that it would be a fun post for today. enjoy!!!

2. MY HUBBY knows me best.
4. The most important thing in my life is FAITH.
5. I always carry NAILCLIPPERS.
7. IÂ’m at my happiest when SURROUNDED BY THOSE I LOVE.
8. On a Monday morning, you can find me SCURRYING TO GET READY FOR WORK.
9. My favorite food ingredient is IRONICALLY CHOCOLATE, SUGAR AND SALT
11. My favorite material possession is MY BOOKS OR PHOTOS.
12.. To relax, I like to READ (BATHS ARE GOOD TOO)
13. The town I live in is STILL NEW TO ME.
14. My worst habit is PICKING AT MY FINGER NAILS.
15. My guilty pleasure is CHOCOLATE.
16. When I look at someone, the first thing I see is EYES AND TEETH.
17. I wish I WAS PREGNANT.
18. I could live without ZITS.

Send in your answers to this fun little quiz, or post it on your blog (just let all of us know about it, so we can go read it!). As always, it's a cool way to get to know each other a little bit better (or perhaps learn a little TOO much about each other; LOL!)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hurting in Huntsville

if anyone is a news watcher then no matter where you are in the country you may have heard about the tragic accident here in huntsville. i found out about it at around 11:00 this morning and the tv's at work were on the rest of the day so that we could be updated on what was going on. news like this is so hard to take even though i didn't know anyone in the accident personally. while i don't have children i can't imagine putting my child on a school bus and then not seeing them again. there were a number of times today that thinking about it made me start to cry. i just ask that you keep the families of these three young girls in your thoughts and prayers as well as the rest of the students that were involved. there's going to be lots of grieving people here in huntsville and they will all need your prayers.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Prayers (update)

my mom is going on for surgery tomorrow and i just wanted to post something asking for your prayers. while they say the surgery isn't major i think that any time they cut on someone or have to put them under to so something that it's considered major. please be in prayer with me for my mom as she goes in tomorrow. i'll keep this posted as i know more. thanks friends.

at around noon my dad called and said that my mom was in recovery and at 5:30pm on my way home from work my mom called and said that she was on her way home and she was just calling to hear my voice. i love when she calls like that. she said that she was doing well and not to sore. she's tough, my mom, she'll be back around in no time. thanks to all for thinking about us and your prayers.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

for all those scrappy scrapbookers out there..... is my attempt at scrapbooking. we are having a baby shower for one of the girls at our church this weekend. when i asked her if she had some type of guest book for people to sign in, she said that there was only one page in her baby book for something like that and she's already used it up. then she said that she had a journal too but she was saving that for a family shower. when she said that these mini scrapbooks came into mind. i wanted her to have something but not another book that she had to keep track of. just something small that she would slide in the back of her baby book but still remember the day and all who came. now i'm not much of a scrapbooker and my scanner didn't scan the pages all that well but i thought that i would show all those scrapbooking nerds (like cheryl says) what i did. this isn't that whole book either. it was just a couple of pages in it that i had the patience to scan. i loved the mini book kit because they gave you the cute book and all the pages and embellishments to go with it. it was fun to put it together. because some of the scans came out blurry i wrote what some of them say under the scan.
this one says love bug
happy baby
my lovely little boy
bundle of joy
sweet dreams and precious boy

Three Things Thursday

first let me say that i am glad that it's thursday because it is actually my friday at work. now on with the show.

tonight we are going to our churches thanksgiving dinner celebration. my TTT is three things that i am excited to eat at this dinner.

1. turkey. of course.

2. cranberry sauce.

3. pumpkin pie (one of which i've made and it's the first time making it.)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dear John

i just finished reading Dear John by: Nicholas Sparks. and while not giving away the book for those of you who plan on reading it at some point, i will just say that it was a good story of true love.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Update

as of 3:00 on friday my hubby and i are home owners. yeah! it's been almost 5 years married and it's our first home. it needs a lot of work and you will see as i'm able to post pictures. not much more happend on friday. our weekend was very uneventful accept for buying the house. saturday was a lazy day. m- watched football, i got some christmas shopping done, and we attempted a night out with his brother for his brother's birthday, but ended up going to the mall for dinner and to watch my nephew play in the play area (which he loves). sunday after church we went over the the house and i attacked the ugly wall paper in the kitchen while m- went to home depot to get the locks changed on the house. when he got back we spent another couple of hours on the wall paper and then called it quits. to look at it you wouldn't think we got much done, but i've been told that removing wall paper is a slow process so i'm trying to have patience. while i know that we're really going to like the house once we get it fixed and all i can't help but think about the move the money pit and just hope that's not what we go through.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ruby Falls

they are finally here. the our pictures from last weekend. we had a fun time in tennessee. these are pictures of ruby falls. hpoe it brings back good memories -c. i posted these for you. :)
the second picture is my favorite because it shows the falls are you are walking behind them and they say that when you look up it's suppose to look like diamonds falling down. that would be a pretty amazing thing, for diamonds to fall down a water fall, or a diamond fall but that's not really the case. still beautiful though.

Random Pictures at See Rock City

i love gnomes
how strong are you?
choo choo

White Water

no this isn't me or my hubby. it is pretty awesome though. every weekend in tennessee should be wrapped up with a beautiful drive to the ocoee river. i just love this river. i first fell in love with in in the 8th grade when our youth group went on a trip here and rode the river. white water rafting is so much fun and one of my favorite things to do. since that trip i have been down a river in costa rica, colorado, this river again and one in oregon.
this guys here are pretty cool. literally. that water was freezing. it was fun to watch them fight the current and do some tricks. this is one of the last rapids on the river and it's called "hell's hole" unless they've changed it recently. it's a pretty scary and thrilling ride.
i love the last picture here because it looks like a bunch of grown boys out to play. they really where having a great time.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Three Things Thursday


1. i like to get letters in the mail. so much so that when i was younger me and a friend of mine decided to send each other letters back and forth in the mail. doesn't seem all that strange normally if your friend lived in a different state, even a couple hours away but this particular friend only lived like 10 min away and we wrote letters. then another friend of mine found our and he wanted to be involved too. no gripes here i got more mail. so there you have it. i think that's when my obsession with mail started.

2. i love to read. this was all my mom's fault but a good one at that. besides from the story she tells...when i was younger she would read the same book to me over and over because i wanted to read that book over and over. she read it to me so much that knew almost exactly what it said word for word. i even knew when it was time to turn the page. this started my reading obsession. then she bought me the christy miller series by robin jones gunn when i was in jr high and that made the reading obsession even worse. thanks a lot mom!!! no really i love it. i'm grateful that she instilled in me the love for reading.

3. i love to blog. amberj is the one that got me started. it started to sir calvin's blog and keeping up with the every growing boy (even though i saw him lots). then she started he own and i was keeping up with reading that and then got hooked and now love it. thanks amberj for my new obsession. love ya girl.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


why is the show so good?
why is it do dramatic?
why all the mystery?
why are they making us wait for so freakin' long?
so many questions, not nearly enough answeres.
why kill sawyer?
who's john?
why does jack always seem so angry with kate?
why do they care if jack kills ben (video from last week)?
why can't kate run?
is it because she knows there's no where to go
is it because she feels like she really can't leave without sawyer and jack
what is the sotty he told her first season? i can't remember.
is is really even all that important or just something he thinks only she will know?
AHHHHHHHHHH...the questions!!!
why do i watch this show?
i can't believe we have to wait so long...but oh the joy...16, all new, no repeat episodes, starting feb 7th..........i can't wait.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Food for Thought

now i know it's election day and all but since i have nothing profound to say about voting and the politicians (since i haven't even registered yet from moving) i'm going to post a list of all i've had to eat today..........

a piece of french toast with powdered sugar on it
a glass of milk
toothpaste-now i don't normally eat toothpaste but you're bound to ingest some of it when brushing your teeth
a cup of coffee
4 pretzels
a peanut butter chocolate chip rice cake
3 more pretzels
pot roast
hashbrown casserole
2 rolls
peach cobbler
2 glasses of water
2 logans yeast rolls
a half a bowl of loaded baked potato soup
2 glasses of water

i'm sure that there till be more to come and i will update then. until then here there is my list. wow that's a lot of food. you don't think you've eaten much in a day until you actually write it down.

okay so i actually did vote today. after watching "Dancing with the Stars" tonight i had to vote for emmitt. i have never voted for anyone on the show and never voted for anyone on any reality type show but i just had to tonight. he and mario have to be in the top two. it was a really good show tonight. oh and here is the rest of my food list....

6 candy corns
one of those small halloween boxes of junior mints
a small glass of grape juice and

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Update

i'll have to post pictures later because they are still in my camera but here's a quick recap of our weekend. i'm not sure if i mentioned it in a previous post but my hubbies uncle and his wife are visiting from Hawaii. so basically this weekend was geared to giving them a little fall color to enjoy.

saturday morning my hubby and i woke up early and got on the road to tennessee. we met his uncle, aunt, cousin and cousins husband there and took off to see Ruby Falls. if i've been there before i don't remember. it was about a mile in a half walk in and out of a cave that had a waterfall at the end of it. it was a neat thing to do and very interesting to see all the cave formations. (like i said pictures to come later) after Ruby Falls we went to See Rock City. now for those of you who have been to See Rock City probably know that it's actually called Rock City but when all the signs on the highway say See Rock City i just can't help but call it that. maybe that's what it's actually called, i don't know. Anyways, my hubby and i have been there before. we went when we first got married. it was fun to go again and the fall colors were breathtaking. it was amazing all of the colors that we saw. on our drive to tennessee my hubby and i were talking about the amazing colors and how amazing God it that he would make all of these colors and my hubby said the art that we create is just an imitation of what God has already made. i never really thought about it like that but it's true. He's already thought up all these amazing colors and even put them together in the perfect color scheme. after See Rock City we went on this incline railway thing which is neat and all but i don't think that i will do it again. i may not have done it in the first place if we weren't being the tour guide type. after a day of running we went back to our hotel and rested up for a full night. we had reservations for a murder mystery theater. we were invited to the wedding of a redneck and an Italian Mafia man. it was really funny and i had a great time. (again pics to come soon)

sunday came much to soon but we got up, checked out of the hotel and headed to etawah tennessee for a train ride through the mountains. that was a relaxing time to just sit back, watch the scenery and enjoy talking. after the three hour train ride we went to the Big River Grille back in Chattanooga and had dessert at this great little coffee house called Rembrants in downtown chattanooga, where i had some yummy apple cider and we bought a bunch of samples of their desserts. the best was what my hubbies aunt got, a slice of pumpkin cheese cake it was so good. it was somewhat of a whirlwind of a weekend but fun all the same.
(pictures coming soon to a blog near you...............)

A Perfect Day

i just finished a book by Richard Paul Evans that i really enjoyed. it's called A Perfect Day. it was different from the first book of his that i read The Christmas Box but i liked it all the same. here's one sentence that is written in the book covers flap that sums up the book, "A story of a man who found everything he thought he was missing in the love he already had." here is one other quote from the book that i will leave you with.

"There are people on earth who spend thier lives chasing gold, but in heaven it's used as asphalt for roads."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Harvest Fest 2006

here are a couple of pictures from our church's harvest fest
last weekend. every harvest fest isn't complete with a couple of sumo wrestler outfits for people to pound on each other, a fun blow up slide for kids to slide down, the horse and buggy type ride around the field, and a good old car smashing. harvest fest wouldn't be complete without the car smash. actually this was the first year for the car smash and it was a hit. literally!

the costumes were also great. here's a picture of a little girl in my favorite costume of the night. when i first saw her she had her back towards me with her mask on and her little blonde curls were spilling out from under the mask. i thought that it was so cute. i loved that this little girl wanted to be spiderman for halloween. i talked to her mom about it and she said that when the little girl picked the costume out she told her husband i think that we need to let her be spiderman because that's what she wants and it's not like we're going to have any boys. (she's the youngest of 3 girls) but as you can see she is still all girl with her pink balloon and cute, girlie smile.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Three Things Thursday

three things i do to cheer myself up when i'm low...

1. well eating a whole pint, or make that gallon of ice cream is always good, but i'm not to sure that's always healthy. and then you just get more low because you find out you're fat from it. maybe i'll stick with just a big bowl with a big spoon. i like to eat ice cream with a bit spoon. the best way.

2. i like to read a good book.

3. and i like to watch a funny movie. when get sad i tend to hide behind thing or as my hubby would say i'm just pacifying it. oh well that's how i like it.