Friday, March 08, 2013

Ticket Stub Banner

 so i made this banner out of old ticket stubs that i couldn't part with. i have to say that it is not my original idea. i remember coming across something very similar to this but maybe with the ticket stubs that you would get at a raffle. i remembered my jar of ticket stubs and pulled out all of the red white and green ones (and two yellow for the stars on the ends) to make this. i just found some red ribbon that is sheer and her white polke dots on it and then used a stencil to make the letters on the ticket stubs and then i just staples the tickets to the ribbon. i also have one for fall time that says happy harvest (or halloween(i can't seem to remember)) it is stapled to black ribbon and the tickets are oranges and yellows (i think)  this pin that a friend pinned is what prompted me to write a post about this. it reminded me that i had this and gives a fun idea of something to do with all of those ticket stubs that you just can't get rid of (if you are anything like me)