Wednesday, June 27, 2007

20 things....

....i want to do this summer!

1. finish setting up the nursery

2. rent some good movies

3. go to the theater to see some movies

4. read some great books

5. cook something new

6. bake something new

7. finish updating my photo albums

8. have some friends over for a girls night

9. teach my nephew something new

10. spend quality time with my hubby

11. kint a baby blanket

12. finish kintting the stocking for my friend

13. have maternity pictures taken

14. finish setting up the house

15. get some pictures hung in the house

16. buy an album for little guys soon to be pictures

17. plan a trip for next summer

18. take some good pictures

19. try out a new restaurant

20. deliver a healthy baby

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Random Tuesday

books, books, books........

1.Hardback or paperback? i like hardback the best but i tend to buy paperback more.

2.Buy on line or in a store? in a store. i've bought a couple online but the store is much more fun. i can spent hours in a bookstore and it drives my hubby crazy.

3. Favorite bookstore? any bookstore. i haven't really bought many books lately i've been trying to get them from the library, which i hate, because i have to return them. i need to set aside money and go on a book buying frenzy.

4. Bookmark or dog ear? i hate dog eared pages. like cheryl i use the book jacket of hard back books and some random piece of paper for softback books.

5. Keep, throw away, or sell? i rarely throw away or sell. so i'm a keep girl. it's just to hard for me to part with them.

6. Short story or novel? i haven't read many books of short stories i'm a novel person but the couple short story books that i have read were okay.

7. Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks? definitely chapter breaks. i'm a little obsessive like that.

8. New or used? anyway is fine with me.

9. Morning, afternoon or nighttime reading? i mostly read a night but if i have time any other time of the day then i could quite possibly be found with a book in my hands.

10. Stand alone or series? i really enjoy both.

11. Favorite series? when i was a kid they were the christy miller and sierra jensen series by robin jones gunn. now it's the glennbrook seriers by her and the redemption, firstborn and i'm sure the 3rd one after that by karen kingsbury

12. Favorite books read last year? grace in thine eyes by liz curtis higgs and dear john by nicholas sparks

13. On your “to read” pile right now?
i'm reading forever by karen kingsbury and before i wake by dee henderson but i'd also like to read the cape refuge series by terri blackstock and the sisterhood of the traveling pants series by ann brashares.

14. Favorite books of all time?
definitely a hard one cheryl. i really loved clouds by robin jones gunn in her glenn brook series, and the partner by john grisham, return by karen kingsbury, and redeeming love by franceine rivers.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prayers! (UPDATED)

the latest is good news....all the tests came back negative and she just seems to have acid reflux. so when mom and dad feed her they need to keep her elevated for about 20 min after to make sure there it's any vomiting. good news.

my bro and sis-in-law had to take my niece to the hospital because she was running a really high fever last night.
i don't know how a spinal tap on an infant is routine but that is what they said that they did one on her at like 8ish last night.
after putting in a catheter and taking some of blood.
please be in prayer for this sweet little baby as well as her parents.
i can't imagine going through something like this with your week old baby.
i'll keep posted anymore that goes on with her as i find out but as of now i've heard no more than this.

not to much to update i guess.
they have taken her home from the hospital.
they are waiting on the results from the spinal tap.
they have a doctor's appointment with the pediatrician.
and her back is pretty sore from the spinal tap so she's resting.
well she's a baby, and a good baby, so she does a lot of resting.
when we find out more like the results, i will post them.

love, love, love... you think you can dance. it makes me wish that i never stopped dancing.
lauren and neil's hip hop routine last night was great and jessi and pasha are wonderful together. it may not have been my favorite jazz type dance but i still really enjoyed it.
i thought hok and jamie did a great job, but they are also one of my favorites.

i love lacey and kameron. they are amazing together and i just like watching them dance. sabra and dominic aren't one of my favorite couples but i really enjoyed their contemporary dance. the contemporary numbers tend to be my favorites though even though they are somewhat strange. anya and jimmy's waltz was great despite the fact that they've never done that sort of dance and were nervous. it was so beautiful.

i like shauna and danny's hip hop routine but did find myself watching him more than her even though i thought she did an excellent job. i think that i can so without faina and cedric even though she did look beautiful doing their routine and sara and jesus' danced the pasa doble (sp?) well but it was somewhat distracting because of the music selection.

my favorite couples are:
lauren and neil
jessi and pasha
jamie and hok
lacey and kameron

i have no clue who will go home but i hope it's not one of these couples.

NOTE: i'm not sure if i got all the other couples names correct with their partners. i was trying to remember but was struggling.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To Do List #4 (not posted)

i have a massive to do list for this weekend but i won't post in for fear of overwhelming people.
i can't believe i'm on week 29.
only 11 weeks left or as my husband informed me last night anywhere from 9 to 11 weeks.
i'm not sure i feel ready.
there's still so much stuff to do (HINTS: the to do list that's not posted)
my sis-in-law gave me bags of clothes last night that was my nephew's.
my little guy maybe clothed for the rest of his life with his cousin's clothes. :)
no, i'll still buy him some new things but for now i think that we are set for clothes.
now i just need to wash them and put them away.
oh the lists..................

My New Neice

who knew you could love someone so much. i can't wait to meet my little guy. aubrey was born a week ago and she was 7 lbs and 1 oz. she's so little and tiny and her aunt and uncle just love her.

aubrey and her big brother jacob

jacob just loves his new little sister. my sis-in-law said that he says, "i hold her." he's so sweet with her and he just kisses her the whole time that he's holding her.

Random Tuesday (a day late)

i get these great random tuesday idea's from Cheryl
thanks for the fun cheryl.
everyone play along if you would like.


Things I fear: clowns, nasty bugs, drowning (but i love water)

People who make me laugh: my nephew, my hubby, blanca

Things I love: my hubby, traveling, the fam

Things I hate: clutter (but i seem to have a ton of it), when people interupt, fighting

Things I don't understand: politics, murder, some people with accents

Things on my desk: things that aren't suppose to be there, a box of stuff and an address book

Things I'm doing right now: typing some of this, thinking that i need to be getting to work, dreaming about when i don't have to work anymore

Things I want to do before I die: meet my grandchildren, travel more, ride in a hotair balloon

Shows I watched as a kid: Jem (or was it Gem) and the Holigrams, the flinstones, saved by the bell

Things I think you should listen to: your parents, grandparents, nickelcreek(good music)

Things you should NEVER listen to: silly celebrities, rap, stupid people

Things I'd like to learn: to take better pictures, to write a really great story, to paint

Favorite foods: pretty much anything from new orleans, southers style food, chocolate

Things I can't do: draw, cross my eyes (or maybe i can but it gives me a headache), paint my nails very well (nails or toe nails)

Things I can do: water ski, type fast, curl my tongue

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend update

my weekend started on tuesday when i got off of work 2 hours early to go and see my sister in law and my new niece (aubrey) in the hospital. i was so excited to hear that she was born at 9:20 that morning and just had to get over there and see her. she was so little and cute i just loved her right away.

from there i went home and waited for my hubby to get home from work and he took me to the airport so that i could to see my parents and i was standing in my best friends wedding on the weekend.

i got in at about 10:30 that night and my parents were at the airport waiting for me. they took me home and i crashed for the evening.

the next day my mom took off of work to spend the day with me. once we were up and ready we ran some errands and just hung out. it was a good time. that evening my dad boiled some snow crabs for me and we sat in the den watching so you think you can dance and eating yummy good crabs. i crashed on the couch that night, just until about 10:30ish when my hubby and sister came in. they drove in for the wedding.

thursday we just hung out and waited for mom and dad to get off of work so that we could take them out for mom's b'day. we had some yummy appetizers and great cheesecake.

friday was the same way. mom got off of work early and we ran some errands and then went to the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

saturday i woke up and started to get ready for the wedding and then dad drove me to the church for pictures. the church was beautiful and the bride gorgeous. the wedding was great. it was prefect for ~t. just what she wanted, with a few glitches but who has a wedding without them. :) the reception was great and after we saw the bride and groom off we went home to put our feet up and relax. we did father's day that night and i gave my hubby a new daddy kit complete with diapers, wipes, a pacifier, air freshener, goggles, gloves, a clothes pin and tums. he thought that it was great and really liked it.

sunday we made the drive home and that evening my hubby and i got to go and see our niece and hold her. my hubby was really something else with her. he was so cute holding her and walking around with her when all the other guys were like no i don't want to hold her or were really stiff when they did hold her.

it was a great weekend. i guess i'm ready to take on the week. it's going to be a busy one though.

Friday, June 08, 2007

To Do List #3 (UPDATED)

things that need to get done. this one's a long one and i may not get it all done either. it will be a busy weekend. the thing in green are the things that i've done.

get directions to the alteration place
get dress altered

pick up dress from alterations place
pack for ~t's wedding
buy m new shirt
buy m new glasses and contacts
go to hallmark
get fathers day gifts
get mom's b'day gift
go to michaels crafts
print eticket
go to walmart
amanda's baby shower
get eye brows waxed (ouch)
buy me t-shoes
take painters tape off walls in baby's room (i'm a slacker)
buy matress for crib

put blinds up in baby's room
clean shower
clean toilet
clean sink

i've also.........
done laundry
and today i'm planning on...
sweeping the house
i'm afraid the dust bunnies are going to take over the house.

there may be more added later but for now that's it and i hope that's all that i have to do.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Guessing Game? (UPDATED)

side note: so i talked to my sister today and she said that she posted a comment on the blog about her guess. and if anyone knows her you know that 22 is her number so naturally that is the number that she guessed. -c you are still the winner but i just had to mention lc and her guess.

and the winner is -c. i wish i had prizes. well maybe i will and surprise you. :) you didn't get it exactly right but you were off by one. the answer was 22. amberj you were pretty close though. thanks everyone for playing along with my silly guessing game. you are all a lot of fun.

i'm pretty sure i have no life.
let me explain.
last night as i was getting ready for bed and using the bathroom i mentioned to my hubby that i probably go to the bathroom 100 times a day.
now i can't blame all of this on the growing baby in my tummy because pre-baby i was a mean peeing machine.
however, i think that since i've been pregnant it's probably gotten worse.
now comes the reason that i say i have no life.
i told my hubby that i was going to take a tally of how may times i use the bathroom in one day.
and keep in mind that this isn't including the amount of times that i get up in the middle of the night to go.
that should be another tally in and of itself.
it's ridiculous.
so i just want people to guess and tomorrow i'll post the right answer and see who get's close, just how may times i go to the bathroom today. i started counting at 6:30 this morning when i woke up and i will stop counting at 10:00 tonight when i will probably go to bed.
good luck.
i know this is a weird post but i just felt like rambling and pee was on my mind.

New Kicks

after a long day at work and swollen ankles (cankles) more swollen than they have been this pregnancy, i broke down and decided that last night was the night to buy new t-shoes. i had been sporting the same pair for the past 2 years. actually it was probably longer then 2 years, but whose counting.

i love my old pair. in fact i bought them just like the pair that i had before then only a darker grey with orange on them. so having 2 pair that i really liked i figured that the shoe selection process would be quite easy. go to shoe store and buy the same kind that i already have only in a different color.

i went into every shoe store in the mall and every one had them only they were boring. well maybe not boring but not what i wanted. they had them in white, black, and occasionally plain grey and brown.

the frustration continued to rise as i went from store to store. maybe it was silly to get frustrated about something like that though but it was still there. finally after picking up a movie (that we didn't get to watch) and getting gas in the car my hubby took me to shoe carnival. i don't remember shoe carnival being all that great of a shoe store when i was growing up so i was a little apprehensive about going there but decided not to pass up the opportunity.

i walked into the store and asked one of the sales ladies where the woman's t-shoes were. she asked me, "woman's athletic shoes?" and i just couldn't help myself by saying, "are there any other kind?" why can't i filter out things sometimes. what a jerk am i! luckily she was extremely helpful. i let her know that i was looking for the new balance like the ones that i was wearing. she took me right to them and they had the biggest selection than any of the other stores that i had been in. yeah for shoe carnival they are a great shoe store.

funny thing is that i didn't even end up buying the ones that were like my old ones. i got another pair of new balance and i love them. she said that they had more support then the ones that i went in looking for and they were very light weight. so hopefully this will help with the cankles along with lots of water and keeping them elevated as much as possible.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ego fun

random tuesday fun with cheryl....

Let's find out what everyone's alter ego names are:
1. Your real name: jennifer
2. Your gangsta name: (first three letters of first name, then add izzle) jenizzle
3. Your detective name: (favorite color and favorite animal) green elephant
4. Your soap opera name: (your middle name & the first street you lived on) lynn orchid
5. Your Star Wars name: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of first name) andja
6. Your superhero name: (Your 2nd favorite color & favorite drink) red cherry coke
7. Your witness protection name: (parents middle names) marie marc
8. Your goth name: (black, and the name of 1 of your pets) black smokey