Sunday, August 23, 2015

Adventure 34

adventures in allergy testing.
this has been the summer or rashes for me. it has not been fun but after my latest rash battle which turned out to be poison ivy (all over my body)
I decide to get an appointment with an allergist
they pricked my arms 45 times (then another prick of the control which was an histamine, because the first one did nothing)
then after that they did five more sticks to test for an allergy to cephalosporin's (which we thought was what I was allergic to after breaking out in a rash after both of my C-sections)
here is my arm of environmental tests.....I am allergic to grass (I was very upset by this, as I like to cut the grass sometimes, and haven't been able to in the last few weeks because I have been dealing with all of these rashes and such) then dust mites and rag-weed.
the nurse did assure me that I could still cut grass as long as I wore a mask (I hate wearing a mask but I guess I will now, and took a shower right after (always do) and then did a saline spray)
this is my food allergy arm after a day or so.
thank goodness I have no food allergy.
I told the nurse that I was thrilled to hear no food allergies, that would be difficult news (I really enjoy food)

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