Friday, August 07, 2015

Canoe Trip

A few weeks ago we had some friends mention that they were taking their boys on a canoe trip and wanted to see if anyone was interested in going. we had never taken our kids canoeing before (and we had both canoed as kids) so we decided to do it.
here we are going down one of the rapids.

I have to say that it took be a bit to get comfortable with the fact that we may indeed flip over but that we would be fine if we did.
here is am with one of the JCrew boys watching their mommy and daddy do one of the bigger rapids. he was so cute and kept saying "you can do it mommy and daddy" and then when they made it through, "mommy and daddy didn't flip!"
Here they are as they are about to go through the rapid (picking up some speed)
here they are going right into it. every boat had to be bailed after going through this rapid.
the four older kids
the W's. they wanted to do a little hot tubbin'
(the water was so  not hot, but it was a perfect day and felt wonderful)
our whole group
it was so much fun
we stopped at this spot to eat lunch and some of the kids went for a dunk and jumped and they climbed rocks.
The G's
Thank you "W" family for remember to bring a camera and capturing such great pictures. it was such a fun day.


  1. It was such a fun day. We need to make it an annual thing. I loved it!

    1. it as such a fun day. i am so glad that you guys went. i think we surly need to do it again