Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 14.......of our BIG trip

The place we stayed was an efficiency 
So we had a small kitchen
After eating out so much it was nice to get eggs and cinnamon rolls from the grocery store and cook instead.

That is what we did for breakfast.

After breakfast we packed to to go play in the pool and at the beach.

By my side most of the time.
I love my little side kick. I sometimes forget how much I am being watched.

Looking for shells again 

Floating in the lazy river

My little side kick again. She was helping me making spaghetti 

After lunch we took the kids to this obctical water course.

The loved it. Their version of a ninja worrier course

For lunch we went to a fish house called the flyin fish.  We ordered sword fish and tile fish.  There is Golden boy trying the sword fish and liking it.

A sunset walk on the beach rounded up the trip and the day.

Tomorrow we head home.

Steps 3,230

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