Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 11.......of our BIG trip (till lunch time)

So the day started with breakfast for me and little girl at Starbucks. It was her first realnstarbucks experience. I mentioned on my Instagram post, that I wasn't sure if this made me a good mom or a bad one?

Notice the caption: She added that today.

We got up and got breakfast because we were headed to Colonial Williamsburg.

We got off at the first bus stop and headed to the Governors Palace and gardens.

The amount of weapons in and displayed in the house. Astouding. 

This was one of the daughters room. I loved how They were called Lady Virgina. I asked little girl if she would like to be called Lady and she giggled.

We were surprised to find out that the embroidered thing laying on the bed next to the hat is actually a pocket.

Since we have one of our own in our house we were impressed with this one. Very modern for the time apparently.

The gardens 

The courthouse 

Favorite spot in the court house 

Another of little girls creations. He willingly went in the stocks for a picture but she added the caption. 
Love it.

We attended the firing of the noon gun (cannon)

And then went to lunch at a local tavern that was recommended two us.

I have more from the rest of the day that I will post later.  It was alot for one post. 

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