Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Books I am reading this Month (September)

 I missed August but you can see all the books that i have read this year here, or you can see all that i read in August here. (scroll to the bottom).

my son had to read this for summer reading and I just love what I have read so far. it is a fast read and I need to pick it up again and see how it ends, even though I know a little about it from conversations with my son.

every so often I take the question to the people of Facebook, "what are you reading now or what books have you read recently that you would recommend." I received a lot of really great suggestions but out of all of them this on was the first one that I started with

I have read everything by Robin Jones Gunn. I just love her so much. i pre-ordered this back BC (a friend said that is before corona, for those that may not have know) it took months to get there. i am so glad to have it in my hands and reading it.

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