Saturday, December 08, 2012

Book Theme Baby Shower

Lorax Lemonade. saw the idea to do this  here
we had  a really fun time planning this baby shower for our friends Blakeley and Lindsay. Blakeley was having baby #3 and at the time they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. since the shower she has had the baby and it is a beautiful baby girl that they named Winnie. Lindsay was having baby #2 and it was a boy just like her first so we decided to go with a book theme. you can never have to many books. everyone brought a book and one of the books the moms kept for their library and the other one was donated to the hospital childrens floor. enjoy the pictures of our fun book theme baby shower.

julie made the cute decorations with the ABC and books

green eggs......


moon pies............


julie also made these cute book bags for the moms to put the babies books in

katie made this awsome cake to look like a book.

the momma's so cute.

this shower was not only the book theme but also a chill time and a girls night time thing too. we all showed up in our comfey pjs and the plan was to watch what to expect when expecting. but get a group of girls together and the talking never stops. we never did get around to watching the movie.

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