Sunday, May 04, 2014

Strawberry Picking 2014

 we go strawberry picking pretty much every year. we got a call from some friends of ours letting us know that whenever we went to give them a call. on Friday night my hubby told me to call them up and see if they were able to go on Saturday. it was very last minute but it was going to be a great day and we were ready. they were able to go and boy and I glad. these strawberries were fantastic. first let me say that if you have never had a warm strawberry right off the bush then you are missing out. find yourself a strawberry field and go pick some. we must have hit the sweet weekend because these berries were so big and yummy.
 our little strawberry picker and helper. check him out here picking strawberries in 2009

 thumbs up dude
 we were finding some weird shaped strawberries.

 mother and daughter
 strawberry fields forever
 don't let that bear get you guys
 my sweet family
some great friends

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