Sunday, November 23, 2014


after trying to convince my children to be the Mary  Poppins cast or Alice in Wonderland for the Incredible Halloween party that we were invited too and trying to convince my husband that the Care Bears would be comfy and fun (that wasn't happening) the kids both decided that they wanted to be the Frozen cast.
SHOCKED! you say? well believe it. along with a ton of other children, probably even families across all of the world we went as Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff.
Little Girl already had an Elsa dress and we decided to surprise Golden Boy with the Olaf Costume.
Now it was time for my costume.
I almost purchases a royal blue tulle skirt from ebay but came across this pink skirt that I was just going to give away so I went out and bought royal blue fabric dye and attempted to dye it
 the first dye attempt was in the sink. it didn't come out nearly as dark a I wanted it too and after speaking with a lady, who helped us tie dye a shirt for my mother in law while we were camping, I decided to try it again in a small pot on he stove. that still didn't work like I wanted. after speaking to my mother she mentioned that when ever she dyed things she would use the washing machine method. I still did not get the exact result I was looking for but by that point I was tired of buying fabric dye. luckily it wasn't all that expensive. especially when you have coupons to the craft store.

 I looked at Anna's outfit on google and remembered that I also had the green (teal) colored shirt that I could wear then I saw this pin and decided to get a black tank top to wear over the shirt. I found the black tank top at Wal-Mart for .50 cents. SCORE!
I didn't want to take the time to make the designs on the shirt and I considered making the cape but was just over it after I worked on my husbands so I grabbed a scarf that I had and used that and tied a gold ribbon that I had around wait. tied up my hair in braids and even had  little white piece that ran through one of them.
 for my husbands costume I found this wonderful tutorial.
it was for a little boys Kristoff costume but I knew that I could make it work for by husband as long as I had a black tshirt. luckily he had on in his closet and that worked. I pretty much followed her tutorial on all of the things that I bough (at hobby lobby) and he wore a long sleeve shirt under the black one that he already had in his closet and the hat that we already had as well. it was great.
we had a great time at our friend costume party.

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