Monday, October 12, 2015

Adventure 41

When she get's excited apparently she clenches her fist

i was first made aware of it when we went to Disney, two years ago, when she was three. This picture was taken at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
and when i posted it my sister said "Her hand."
i mean the pure excitement it all over her face but her hand. I mean seriously, she wrecks me, i love her.

 see the tiny hand

she had to reach out and grab onto some Elsa magic. she was so excited

we had a fun Disney trip but Little girl had a nervous tummy pretty much the whole time. right as we were about to get on a ride the didn't feel well but then loved the ride after being on it. even rides as low key as Peter Pan.  We tried to get her to ride a few rides with Golden Boy or Daddy but she wanted to be by my side every time. she would grip my arm or hand very tightly. it got frustrating there for a bit until my sweet husband reminded me that she won't want to hold my hand forever. that tiny fist of excitement, i want to remember to hold on to it as long as i can, because one day sooner than i would like, that tiny fist is going to be grown. hoping she still wants to hold my hand some though.

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