Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kids Art Work Wall

so when i first considered hanging the kids art work in the house somewhere, i came across this  and fell in love. it is awesome. upon further inspection and consideration i found out that the system was from ikea. we don't have one all that close. at least not close enough to go just for this. although i'm sure i would find other things there that i had to have. and shipping was just to much.

then i saw this  and thought now i can do something like that. so i headed to walmart and started pricing thing and making sure i was getting the right size. that was 3-4 months ago. now the stuff to do this isn't all that expensive until you start timsing it by three. i thought some more about it all and remembered reading Under the Sycamore blog and seeing this post where she used a limb to make a curtain rod.i pinterest searched stick rods or something along that line to get a couple more ideas for how this would go down.

One morning when i was running i came across three limbs that would be prefect for my project. all i needed to get was glossy black spray paint, the rod hooks (hangers) they were like 2.18 for a set and the drapery rings that were a litte more expensive than i would have (a little over $5 for 7of them) liked but well worth it for how much i love this.


  1. That turned out so cute! I love it!

  2. thanks. it was fun. i'm glad i have a place for their art work now instead of taped to the pantry door....which is now the chalk board. :)