Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Panty Door Fun

my new chalk board on my pantry door.

when we first moved into our house i wanted to paint chalk board paint somewhere in the kitchen. my original thought was not here but pretty close by. i came across this diy by the lovely Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore and loved the idea of using the yard sticks or rulers. i couldn't find yard sticks as cute as she has so i just went with all rulers.

i hate our doors in our house. they are hollow wood and flat. my hope is to one day get new ones so i figured that it couldn't hurt to do this because if i messed up maybe we could get a new one sooner. come to find out i love it and we may be keeping this specific door for a while longer and getting rid of the other ones slowly.

 i just taped off the area i wanted to paint. chalk board painted it (two coats i think) and used the liquid nails to glue the rulers on.


  1. I noticed this last time at your house. Love the rulers as a frame!

  2. thanks girl. it was fun.