Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Something Blue

a friend of mine pinned this pin on pinterest and it reminded me of my something blue almost 11 years ago. I saw in a magazine somewhere to do blue shoes. i searched high and low for blue shoes that would suit me. you can't see them very well in the picture but you can see that they are indeed blue. they had a strap across that top that looked like eyelet lace and a blue bow. we are not Turkish but i read in the Martha Stewart magazine about Turkish shoe signing tradition and thought it would be fun. all the single brides maids would sign the bottom of your shoe and after dancing the night away which ever girls name wore off the most was the one to get married next. cute fun. so we did it. 
years later my little sister decided to wear blue shoes as well. only she took is a step further and got a pair of blue shoes for the reception as well. funny how both pair suit her. love it.

isn't she gorgous. i think she pulled off the blue shoes better, for sure.

her super cute reception shoes. the inside lining of them is hearts.

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