Thursday, February 21, 2013

Window makeover

 a couple months ago i pinned this. i loved the idea of using napkins as a curtain on our kitchen window because if i got a couple sets that i loved then i could always interchange them. i started to search on etsy first to find some that i liked. i came across these and just loved them. i tried to use a tension rod first for the curtain rod but i think the span between the two cabinets was just way to big and it kind of sagged in the middle. i thought a tension rod that was bigger around may work better but after talking to my mom decided to just go with the curtain rod that had the hooks to set it in. i got the rod at walmart and then got the silver mini rings at target. it took two packages to use for all four napkins. i love the way it turned out.

the curtains opened

the curtains closed

this is what i had up before the change. i liked it but liked the idea of more light coming through the window and being able to see out of the whole window

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